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Here at Open Book Society we like to see things from every angle. Movie posters are what sells people’s opinions of a film and like a book cover it has to be appealing. Also like books, movie posters can look differently depending on where they are made. Whole campaigns revolve around films, everything from viral web content to poster’s for every character in the movie.

In honor of this weeks movie highlight I have choosen Daybreakers. Probably one of the strangest and most drastic difference from teaser to final product, when it comes to the posters, Daybreakers looks to be an awesome film.

Check back later tonight for a double review by authors Rose and myself.

International Poster

In 2019, a major viral outburst transformed a majority of the world’s population into vampires 10 years before the start of the movie. With only a handful of humans left to provide blood for the starving population of vampires, extinction is a very real risk for the new dominant species of humanity.

These vampires are depicted as being immortal, and possessing similar physical appearances as regular humans. Vampires are depicted as having yellow tinted irises and pale skin. They also have most of the ‘classic’ vampiric traits; lack of a reflection, fangs, vulnerability to sunlight and stakes through the heart. They also have no pulse.

In response to the dwindling blood supply, the vampires seek to hunt and farm the remaining humans for their blood and to find a blood substitute to prolong their existence. If a vampire doesn’t drink blood, then they will transform from having a recognizable human form into a violent, uncontrollable, and bat-like creature of the night. A secret team of human and ‘cured’ researchers try to uncover a way that would rescue the human race.

At the same time, small factions of surviving humans wish to repopulate the species, often using violent means to retain their humanity. ~ wikipedia

International Poster

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When I first saw the teaser poster (the red one) I immediately thought 28 Days Later. It was only later that I found out wat this film truely was. Just looking at the first two posters, it’s as if they fired the whole team and made a new one. Perhaps they were tired of copying the 28 Days Later theory or maybe it’s because Daybreakers is not a zombie-like film.

I really like the billboard poster because we see the characters, unlike all the international ones. The juxtaposition of Ethan Hawke between Dafoe (light) and Neill (dark).

Which is your favorite? Are you going to see the movie?