‘Twilight Zone’ Episodes That Should Be Made Into Movies

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This weekend Cameron Diaz and James Marsden star in the suspense thriller “The Box,” but what not many people know is that the movie is based on an episode of “The Twilight Zone.” It was originally taken from a short story written by Richard Matheson, and the movie might follow the TV episode or the original Matheson script; you’ll just have to see the movie to find out. Still, it started us thinking on “The Twilight Zone” and how some of the most memorable episodes could surely be lengthened into full length features. The stories are scary, sad, odd, fantastical, and tragic; just the kind of scripts Hollywood is looking for! Here’s a look at episodes from “The Twilight Zone” that should be made into movies.

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Mandalay Adapting Online Sci-Fi Thriller Novel Machine Man


While this is yet another announcement of a project involving an adaptation of a novel, the circumstances surrounding the novel in question are quite intriguing.

As part of an interactive literary experiment in which suggestions from readers are integrated into the plot as the story continues to unfold, author Max Barry has been writing the thriller Machine Man by posting one page of the novel online each day. Now Variety reports that Mandalay Pictures wants to build a movie around the pseudo-choose-your-own-adventure novel about a tech engineer who replaces parts of his body with titanium upgrades of his own design. Sounds cool.

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There are many Twilight episodes that would be perfect for a feature film, such as  “The Eye of the Beholder” (1962) Season 2, Episode 42, whereby Janet Tyler has undergone her eleventh treatment in an attempt to look like everybody else. The details of the treatment are not given, but Tyler is first shown with her head completely bandaged, so her face cannot be seen. She is described as being “not normal” by the nurses and doctor, whose own faces are always in shadows or off-camera.

If you have never had the opportunity to watch this episode, you should check it out.

As far as a Machine Man adaptation for film…it fits right in with all the other ‘superhero’ movies as of late, so I can see it fairing well at the box office.

What Twilight Zone episode do you think would be perfect for film adaptation? How do feel about Machine Man as a movie?  Do you think superhero flicks have worn out their welcome?