Gavin Hood To Attempt Developing ‘Ender’s Game’ If you are reading this site and haven’t read Ender’s Game, you should go out and do that right now. Seriously. I mean, it’s a precursor to so many books, video games and movies that we cover it would be futile to try and list them all. Unfortunately, though, this seminal work has always had a tough time finding its legs in Hollywood. But there’s a chance that might be changing.

Ender’s Game, an award winning 1985 sci-fi novel by Orson Scott Card is the story of a a boy nicknamed Ender who, at a very young age, is chosen to go into space for Battle School. Battle School is a place where adults train gifted children to be military leaders for an imminent war using zero gravity war games, interactive digital simulations and a whole bunch of cold-blooded precision and aggression. Wolfgang Petersen was attached to direct a film version for several years before that finally died and now it seems Gavin Hood, the director of Tsotsi and X-Men Origins: Wolverine has rewritten a script that Card himself wrote and is developing the project to direct. Hit the jump for more.

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Pixar Could Work on “Doctor Strange” Movie

As Marvel Studios begins to look to the post-”Avengers” superhero movies, one character who keeps coming up for a solo movie is Doctor Strange.

The studio has reportedly hired “Conan” screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer for a script treatment and are looking to bring the character to the silver screen in the near future.

As you may know, Disney bought Marvel last year and could be part of the future plans to bring the Marvel heroes to the big-screen. And that includes Doctor Strange.

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IMDB’s worst-rated scifi movies are strangely compelling Which sci-fi titles earned a spot on the list of IMDB’s worst-rated titles? Find out which movies are the worst of the worst – surprisingly, some are even worse than that. IMBD, the popular movie site, allows users to rate the movies that it has listed on a scale of one to ten.

While most movies clock in at about average, a few break into the very top. Tastes being variable, the best movies only rate around a nine out of ten on the excellence scale. In the sci-fi genre, Inception takes this very high honor. But what about the the bottom of the list? IMDB keeps score for that, too.

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The best films ever: help us complete our genre handbooks

Photograph: RubberBall/Alamy

The Guardian and Observer Film Season 2010 launches this Friday when Film & Music publishes its Film 100 power list, detailing the top 100 people who determine what you see in the cinema.

Later in the season, though, we’ll be running a series of supplements, one devoted to each of the following genres: horror, comedy, crime, science fiction and fantasy, action and war, crime, and arthouse. In these our critics choose the 25 best films in that genre of all time, and explain the reasons behind their thinking.

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One memorable quote for me is “Luke. I am your father”, don’t even have to tell you from what movie that is 😉 I think that it’s a good idea they’re covering all the genres. What do you think of this and it’s questions?

Had you heard before about Ender’s Game?

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