Want to see a werewolf, a vampire, zombies, ‘Jaws,’ ‘The Thing,’ and ‘King Kong’ in one movie? Check out Greg Nicotero’s new short film, ‘United Monster Talent Agency’

When I think “monsters”—which I do about 1,297 times a day—I tend to think “Greg Nicotero,” the makeup effects wizard whose list of notable credits just begins with Grindhouse, Army of Darkness, the Kill Bill movies, and more zombie films than you could shake a severed foot at. Nicotero’s been a particularly busy boy of late. He oversaw the gore on Piranha 3D and and the shambling corpses in Frank Darabont’s forthcoming AMC zombie show The Walking Dead. He is also apparently about to make his directorial feature debut with an adaptation of Joe R. Lansdale’s deranged novel Drive-In.

But it’s not all monsters, monsters, monsters, with Nicotero. No! Sometimes, it’s monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters, monsters… Well, suffice to say, there is an awful lot of monsters in his new, amiable, short film, United Monster Talent Agency, which you can watch after the jump.

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Daniel Radcliffe hopes to play Dumbledore in a Harry Potter remake

Harry Potter remake? Harry Potter REMAKE? Don’t we still have two movies in the original franchise to get through first?

Unlike some actors who wouldn’t want to go back and revisit the franchises that made them famous, Radcliffe seems open to the idea. According to showbizspy:

“I’m sure one day, probably years and years from now, someone will want to remake them as new films.”

“If the call comes I wouldn’t come back as Harry. No, if they did it in 30 years, I would want to be Sirius. If they do it in 50 then it would have to be Dumbledore. But I think Sirius is the one every actor wants to play.”


Warner Bros. Picks Up ‘Dark Moon’ Spec

Warner Bros. has picked up “Dark Moon,” a spec from scribe Olatunde Osunsanmi, for Akiva Goldsman produce via his Weed Road shingle. Osunsanmi is also on board to direct the movie.

“Moon” falls into the burgeoning genre of “found footage movies,” which are purported to be reels or tapes or files found after the person operating the camera expired.

“Moon” takes on the idea that manned moon missions did not stop with Apollo 17 and follows a black ops post-Apollo mission sent to the moon to explore previously classified discoveries and its unintended and disturbing consequences.

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Dark Moon sounds great!!!

What do you think of Dan Radcliffe playing Dumbledore in a future HP remake?