Alien Anthology: A Revolution in Sci-Fi Costume Design

by Simon Kinnear for Clothes on Film
So much has been written about H.R. Giger’s justly-renowned xenomorph design that the human costume design in the Alien films goes largely unnoticed. In the first of a two-part special, we revisit the saga on Blu-ray to look at just how important these costumes are in contextualising primal terror.

Traditionally, costume designers in science-fiction movies depicted the future as being utilitarian, uniform and very clinical: think of Forbidden Planet (1956) or 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968) for good examples of the space-faring look. The early 1970s saw a slight sea-change when Dark Star (1974), the John Carpenter film scripted by future Alien creator Dan O’Bannon, depicted space travel as a grubby, grimy business fit only for slackers. The break with 2001 was intentional, since the film is in part a satire of Kubrick’s vision, but it is also worth noting that Dark Star was a student film that got lucky; it was never intended to reach a wide audience.

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Simon Pegg interview: Nerd Do Well, Paul, Spaced, Star Trek, Tin Tin, Coen Brothers and more

by Simon Brew at Den of Geek
The union of you, Nick and Greg has been a long time in the making, though. Could you take us through how it came together, as it seems to have been in your life for some time?

It’s been around for seven years, and we thought of the idea as a joke while we were making Shaun Of The Dead. I made a poster of it, spitballing it back, the whole idea. It became a gag, and we were sitting around one afternoon, waiting for the sun to come out. And we did this fake movie pitch being Paul. I ended up drawing a poster, which is now on my pinboard. And it’s been seven years.

Then Edgar [Wright] went off to do Scott Pilgrim, and he had Ant-Man on the cards as well. And he said, “Why don’t you and Nick do Paul?” So, Nick and I went off and wrote it.

I’m glad you mentioned M:I:4. Can you tell us anything of how your role evolves this time around?

You’ll have to see! [laughs]

Start date for Star Trek?

Star Trek is probably starting… I’m hearing rumours of summer next year for starting it. But that’s all.

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‘Inception’ Wins Big at Spike TV’s Scream 2010

by Stephanie Allerdice at The Celebrity Cafe
Christopher Nolan and Inception won big at Spike TV’s “Scream 2010,” according to a press release issued by the network.

Scream 2010 is the only awards show specifically honoring fantasy, sci-fi, comics, and horror.

Inception won six-awards, including Best Science Fiction Actor for Leonardo DiCaprio. Joseph Gordon-Levitt won Best Supporting Actor and Tom Hardy received Breakout Performance. The movie also won “Fight Scene of the Year” for its mind-binding, anti-gravity elevator/hallway battle, “Best Science Fiction Movie,” and the night’s top honor, “The Ultimate Scream.”

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Iron Man 3 to release May 2013

by Matt Price at News OK
Marvel has announced that “Iron Man 3″ will release on May 3, 2013.

This appearance will follow Iron Man’s appearance in “The Avengers,” which will release May 4, 2012.

The first Saturday in May is “Free Comic Book Day” at direct-market comic-book shops around the world, and the Friday before has become a strong release window for comic-based product.   Both “Iron Man” and “Iron Man 2″ were released near Free Comic Book Day, as were two of the three previous “Spider-Man” films.

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Mark Wahlberg in talks for ‘The Crow’ remake

by Keith Staskiewicz at Entertainment Weekly
Break out the goth makeup: Mark Wahlberg may be contemplating taking on The Crow. A source has confirmed to EW that while no offer has yet been made, Wahlberg is in talks with Relativity Media to star in an upcoming remake/reboot/re-something of Alex Proyas’ 1994 comic book-based movie. He is being considered for the lead role formerly played by Brandon Lee, who was tragically killed on the set of the original film when a prop gun misfired.

I’m slightly surprised by the news, considering that Wahlberg’s similarly dark and gothic Max Payne didn’t quite live up to even its relatively low expectations.

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I really hope they don’t remake The Crow. Especially with Mark Wahlberg. What a terrible choice! There’s absolutely no reason to remake The Crow anyway, they’d have to go above and beyond to make it acceptable to the fanbase.  I loved the article about the Aliens costumes. I love hearing about behind the scenes stuff like that, especially when they’ve paid so much attention to detail and the way it affects tone.

Did you watch the Scream awards last night? Are you excited for Iron Man 3? What do you think of the idea of remaking The Crow?