from Devindra Hardawar at Slash Film: Daybreakers Extended TV Trailer

We haven’t talked much about Daybreakers, the upcoming vampire film by writer/director siblings Michael and Peter Spierig, but the release of the film’s extended TV trailer seems reason enough to shed some light on it. The film stars Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe in a world where vampires rule, and humans are a minority hunted for blood. In the trailers it’s revealed that the vampires blood supply is dwindling, and that they’re searching for a synthetic blood substitute. There’s also talk of a “cure”—apparently the worldwide vampirism was caused by a plague of some sort.

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by Ethan Anderton at First Showing: Ryan Reynolds Speaks About Green Lantern’s Origin Story
Just last week we heard from Ryan Reynolds (via MTV) and all the excitement he has about working with Martin Campbell on the DC Comics’ adaptation of Green Lantern. But with no trailer, no pictures, nor even a simple teaser poster, we’re all dying to hear something good about this potential new franchise that will be introducing the world to a superhero who has never made his way to the big screen before. Well now MTV has even more talk from the funnyman-turned-action-hero, with Reynolds giving some insights into the approach to Green Lantern as an origin story, and as a character who’s more than just a masked hero.

It is [an origin story] to a certain degree, but it’s not a labored origin story, where the movie [truly] begins in the third act. The movie starts when it starts. We find out Hal [Jordan] is the guy fairly early on, and the adventure begins.”

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from Tim Gomez at Cinema Blend: Nic Cage Not Sure If He’s Involved With Ghost Rider

PhotobucketGhost Rider is one of those odd movies that was surprisingly successful but seems to have very little staying power. I don’t think I know a single person who actually saw the flick and if they did, I’m almost certain they don’t remember much of it. So while it was at once certain that Nic Cage’s superhero movie would get a sequel, things are no longer looking so sure.

According to MTV, Cage isn’t even positive that he’ll be involved. When asked about his involvement in the sequel, he said, “Yeah, well I don’t really know how to answer that because I don’t have all the details.” He continued, “You probably know more about it then I do.” In fact, Cage says that he hasn’t heard anything about Ghost Rider 2, which will be penned by Batman vet David Goyer.

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from Uncle Creepy at Dread Central: Beautiful Creatures Go to Warner Brothers
Twilight. The Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. “True Blood”. “The Vampire Diaries.” There are so many book series out there looking to attain the level of success that those titles have had transitioning to both the big and the small screens. Warner Brothers is about to start banking on another one — Beautiful Creatures.

Variety reports that Warner has acquired Beautiful Creatures, the first of a five-novel series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl (which drops in book stores tomorrow), with Richard LaGravanese writing and directing the first feature film.

I love supernatural stories that have well drawn mythologies, and I liked that this book has all the basic elements of a classic first love story with a supernatural layer over it,” LaGravanese tells Variety.

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