8 Other Witches We’d Rather See In Tim Burton’s Maleficent Movie Over Angelina

By Meredith Woerner at io9
Angelina Jolie is reportedly interested in starring in Tim Burton’s rumored next project, Maleficent. But is Jolie really the best actress for Disney’s most iconic villain?

According to the LA Times, Angelina Jolie wants the part, even though there is no script, confirmed director or even any idea what it’s about. All we know is that is it will be a Maleficent-centric film. Whether or not they attempt to redeem this character is up to them — although we hope they don’t.

And with that all in mind, we decided to break down exactly who we think should play Maleficent, starting with Angelina as a jumping point.

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Writer David Hayter Making His Directorial Debut on ‘Wolves’

by Alex Billington at First Showing
Deadline reports that Watchmen and X2 screenwriter David Hayter (who also voices Snake in Metal Gear Solid) will be getting his big break as a feature director on a project called Wolves. “While studios want to hire him as a writer, nobody wants to take shots on first time directors,” but Wolves now has the funding it needs to shoot this summer. The film is an $18 million thriller that Hayter describes as “Twilight with a bit more bite to it, and without abstinence.”

Apparently Hayter “de-constructed past werewolf films, took out the mythology that haunted the screen adaptations, and found a way to make it a metaphor for a teen maturing sexually into adulthood, at the age when young men howl at the moon.”

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‘Walking Dead’ is alive at AMC

By Hanh Nguyen at Zap 2 it
AMC will prepare you for your next zombie apocalypse.

The cable network announced Monday (March 29) that it has ordered six episodes of “The Walking Dead,” based on the comic book of the same name by Robert Kirkman.

“Kirkman’s series brilliantly captures the social commentary and ongoing human drama of the zombie apocalypse; and lets us kick a little zombie you-know-what from time to time,” says Joel Stillerman, Senior Vice President of Programming, Production and Digital Content.

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The Vampire and Zombie Onslaught is Coming

By Brent Lang at The Wrap
Hollywood loves to beat a good thing to death — or undeath.

No wonder that the success of movies like “Twilight” and “Zombieland” and TV shows like “Vampire Diaries” and “True Blood” has inspired a bumper crop of projects centering on fanged or reanimated monsters.

Indeed, Monday brought just the latest example: the news that AMC will be adapting the latest zombie-themed project, “The Walking Dead,” with writer, director and executive producer Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”) at the helm.

Here are some of the other projects that will be coming to thrill and chill audiences on both the big and small screens.

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Star says why you’ve got to watch Syfy’s Haven

By Ian Spelling at Sci Fi Wire
Stephen King’s novella “The Colorado Kid” is coming to Syfy as Haven, and its leading lady, Emily Rose, recently spilled some beans about the show, which will premiere in July.

“It’s definitely based on the characters of ‘The Colorado Kid,’ but I would say it’s about a girl named Audrey [Parker], who’s an orphan and becomes an FBI agent,” Rose (Jericho, John From Cincinnati) said last week in an exclusive interview at Syfy’s upfront session for advertisers in New York. “She ends up getting sent on this case up in Maine. When she goes up there, she kind of starts having these things happen to her, and she sort of starts feeling like she’s been called home. Paranormal things happen, and some exciting things happen for her, and it’s not only her unraveling this murder case, but kind of unraveling the case of herself, honestly. It’s pretty fascinating.”

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Zombies really are taking over…I’m watching Shaun of the Dead is on Comedy Central right now. I’m really excited about Maleficent, but I would prefer someone other than Angelina Jolie. I wasn’t that impressed with her in Beowulf.

Who do you think should play Maleficent? what do you think of the new werewolf movie?