Johnny Depp Promises ‘Outside And Strange’ Vampire In ‘Dark Shadows’ For almost as long as Johnny Depp and his collaborators have been developing an adaptation of the deeply strange ’60s soap opera, “Dark Shadows,” they’ve been talking publicly about what a truly complex task it is.

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Emma Watson and Harry Potter co-stars to re-shoot crucial final Deathly Hallows scenes The Sun reported that make-up artists were a little overzealous with the ageing special effects, and rather than middle-aged, the young stars appear elderly.

But the crew have a new problem on their hands, after Miss Watson’s decision to chop off Hermione’s long wavy hair when she thought filming was complete.

‘I’m 20 now, so I’m not a child any more,’ she told the Daily Mail.

‘I’ve been on Harry Potter for ten years now, so I felt the need to mark the end of it in some way – I needed some way to say to myself, “Right, you’re entering a new phase of your life now.”

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From Harry Potter to Narnia: the pressure on film franchises to perform The omens suggest there may be a happy ending in sight in the saga of the Narnia franchise. Last week snow was falling – as if Aslan himself had ordered it – as The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, the third in the Chronicles of Narnia series, was premiered as the royal film performance. (Rumour has it the Queen shed a tear or two; maybe it was from relief – last year she had to sit through The Lovely Bones.) But in 2008 it was different story: it looked like curtains for Narnia after Disney unceremoniously dumped the series – disappointed with the performance of film No 2, Prince Caspian. Production of Dawn Treader was downsized, then delayed; for a while it looked likely that it wouldn’t get made at all, and the projected seven-film series would be cut off at the ankles.

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Harry Potter director is signed up to direct dark spin on Peter Pan The new Harry Potter film may have proved divisive. But there’s one thing everyone from bored critics to fanatical bloggers seems to agree about, and that’s the brilliance of the shadow-puppet interlude that gives the back-story of the titular Deathly Hallows. Looming up out of the main narrative as if cast by the light of a campfire on a prehistoric cave wall, its flickering shapes have caught hold of so many imaginations that the director of the sequence, Ben Hibon, has been signed up to direct Pan, a dark spin on Peter Pan once intended for Guillermo del Toro.

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Hunger Games Auditions Have Not Yet Started “Have the Hunger Games movie auditions started?”

Lions Gate owns the rights to and will be producing the picture “Hunger Games”. We appreciate all fans and wanted you to know that the auditions being “advertised” by Tru Talent are a SCAM. I can tell you most definitively that auditions have not yet started, nothing has been made public, and any information to the contrary or solicitations such as the one you describe on your website are SCAMS.

I do remember seeing Emma with short hair in those 19 years later scenes when they were filmed months ago. I thought they weren’t going to freak that much this time 😀 What did you think of this?

It’s really interesting to see who will get cast for the Hunger Games, everyone has it’s own dream cast. Who would you pick for the parts?

What do you think of a movie based on Peter Pans dark side? Are you waiting to see Dark Shadows? Join us in the forum for discussion!