Avatar Sparks New Interest In The Strange Visions That Inspired It

Now that we know Avatar’s floating mountains were based on China’s rugged geography, the Chinese have decided to rename a mountain in Hunan province “Avatar Hallelujah Mountain.” And artists are posting their favorite images by Yes cover artist Roger Dean.

The newly dubbed Avatar Hallelujah Mountain is in Wulingyan National Park, already a major tourist spot in China — but officials are hoping that naming it after the mega-popular film will help the shockingly verticle landmark become a major destination.


A Glimpse Of Avatar’s Deleted Bar Brawl, Plus Details On The Sequel

We previously reported on the never-before-seen scenes that were cut from Avatar — now see the first image from the bar brawl on Cameron’s dystopian Earth. Also, check out this collection of Lego Na’Vi, and news on Avatar 2’s pre-production.

What you’re seeing here is the end result of Jake Sully’s bar fight, back on Earth. Just to prove how bad-ass he really is, Jake slaps some guy around for beating up a girl in his dirty Earth bar. Read the whole scene here, including antelope leg soccer athletes. In the end both Jake and his chair get thrown in the gutter, and apparently splayed out like Jesus. The new image was posted by BUF visual effects.

In other Avatar news, Slashfilm has a source that insists pre-production for Avatar 2 is already underway, and that technical crews are currently getting hired. This makes sense — we all knew there would be at least one sequel, and of course James Cameron wants to make it a trilogy. Plus, they will need time to create something that big all over again.


I’m going to see Avatar in IMAX 3D tomorrow. I’m really excited. I’ve heard it’s technically amazing.

Have you seen it? Are you excited that there will be a sequel? Do you think it deserves all the recent awards?