Comic Books That Need To Be Films Comic book films are all over the silver screen these days. With the release of Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America: The First Avenger all coming out next summer it doesn’t seem like the superhero genre is going anywhere. There have been a lot of good films based on comic books, but there have also been a lot of bad ones as well. Warner Bros. is also in the early stages of making sequels to Batman and rebooting the Superman franchise.

I feel like the studios are forgetting about all the other publishing companies that have great characters, as well as the lesser known characters in the DC and Marvel universes that would make great movies. Let’s not forget that a C-List comic book character, Blade, started the whole comic book film craze. Here are some characters or teams I feel would be great up on the big screen.
12) Aquaman
Vincent Chase and James Cameron made this character the biggest film of all time on Entourage, so let’s see if fantasy can become reality. Justin Hartley portrayed Arthur Curry in a never aired Aquaman pilot. Arthur was a child of two worlds, much like Superman, Tarzan, and Spock. Even though Hartley’s swimming career didn’t last I still say this underwater adventure would be cool in 3-D. Aquaman is a hero who can breathe underwater, swim super fast, speak to sea life, and has super strength. It’d be the best sea movie since Steve Zissou.

‘Transformers’ producer praises Chicago as filming enters final days There aren’t many big cities that would turn their downtowns over to movie production crews for the summer without whining about the inconvenience.

Chicago is one of those cities.

treet closings and CTA bus re-routing for “Transformers 3,” the sci-fi action thriller, have been unprecedented. But, nobody seems to care. They’re too busy watching the death and destruction — or working on it.

On Wednesday, Mayor Daley held a news conference at the Cultural Center with producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura as the filming enters its final days.

It was the public relations equivalent of a wrap party, complete with glowing reviews about benefits to Chicago that go far beyond the 1,200 jobs and $20 million pumped into the local economy.


James Cameron: I want to compete with ‘Star Wars’ and Tolkien Apparently, there’s no such thing as a quiet little corner of the world when your name is James Cameron. “Welcome to the wind tunnel,” the 56-year-old filmmaker said as a Santa Monica sea breeze gusted through the French doors of his beachside hotel room on a recent afternoon. A hard-backed “Avatar” poster flew off a tripod stand in the corner and the filmmaker chuckled.

Cameron says he hopes to pull in moviegoers who typically dislike sci-fi but may have softened their stance while watching “Avatar” win the Golden Globe for best picture and earn top Oscar nominations, including best director and best film. Most of all, though, he is counting on the true-believer constituency being lured back by the new scenes, which include a dramatic hunt sequence that pits Na’vi spears against the sturmbeest, a large herd animal that Cameron calls “Pandora’s answer to a buffalo…”

“I think a large number of people who go see this will be the repeat offenders, absolutely,” Cameron said with a smile. “I didn’t want to do so much that it became a different movie. I wanted it to be the same movie you remembered if you’ve already seen it but with some little special jelly beans along the way. There are some real chunks with some real payoffs in and of themselves but other ones are just little 20-second bits here or 40 seconds there, enough to add a little bit but not enough to break up the flow or the pace. It’s all the same experience but with a little bit more of Pandora.”


Warner Bros. Buys Rights To First Film In David Goyer’s Sci-Fi Book Trilogy David Goyer has had quite a successful relationship with DC and Warner Bros. dating back to Batman Begins. Now, with his potential to write scripts for the upcoming Superman and Batman projects, Warner has optioned a brand new property from the mind of Goyer, based on his brand new series of science fiction novels.

The first story of the trilogy, titled Heaven’s Shadow, has been optioned by the studio to be made into a large-budget picture, with Goyer staying attached to re-work the script. If all goes according to plan, the film is only the first to be adapted from the series. From Deadline:

The trilogy begins when an object is discovered heading for earth. Initial panic gives way to a competition between governments to be first to intercept what they believe is a breakaway meteor. What the astronauts discover leads to an encounter with alien forces that are a threat to humanity. It is the first book that Goyer has written and last spring, he set it at the Penguin imprint Ace Books to be published in July, 2011. Heaven’s War and Heaven’s Fall will be released in subsequent summers. The studio bought the book series after Goyer pitched it, as Goyer and his co-author are still working on the prose.


‘Saw’ Director To Adapt Vampire Graphic Novel ‘Nightfall’ James Wan, director and co-creator of the first Saw movie, is now going to adapt the graphic novel Nightfall, about a prison run by vampires who feed on the inmates.

Just like the lifespans of vampires themselves, it appears as though Hollywood’s fascination with vampires is never going to come to an end. The Twilight Saga still dominates the box office with each new installment (still two more to go), True Blood keeps the vampire world hot and steamy (and popular) on TV, and a whole number of other vampire-related projects are spread over the world of pop culture and beyond.

Today the vampire trend continues as we learn via Deadline that Saw director, James Wan, is taking on an adaptation of a vampire graphic novel by the name of Nightfall (not to be confused with the DC comics villain). You may be rolling your eyes at the concept of yet another vampire movie being in the works, but you might be more interested when you hear the plot:

In the Nightfall graphic novel, a man is sentenced to a term in prison – a prison run by vampires. A more in-depth plotline from Amazon reveals that the vampires run the prison in secret in order to feed off of the inmates. That’s quite an ingenious scheme they have going; I bet your interest in this particular vampire project has gone up a little, hasn’t it?


There are some comic book movies that I’ve liked. There’s the Flash movie no one barely remembers, and Aquaman already has a movie but I haven’t heard about it anymore, wonder what happened to it… What do you think of the comic book adaptations? Are interested in seeing more of these? Which one have you liked?

I love the Windy City, and it’s great that it’s letting more movies being filmed there. the previous Batman movies where filmed there and the atmosphere made the Gotham City come to life. What do you think of movie being filmed in big cities?

Are you an Avatar fan? Do you want to see 3 or 6 movies of Avatar?

What do you think of more vampire movies being made? Do you think that it’ll stop for a while?