New Science Fiction Thriller,”Clone Hunter,” Explores Ethics Of Clone Technology

Clone Hunter, the much anticipated science fiction thriller from Pandora Machine, will be released nationwide on DVD by Lifesize Entertainment on August 10, 2010. Clone Hunter is the fifth sci-fi feature from New York production house, Pandora Machine.

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James Cameron Reveals Specifics about Avatar’s Re-Release and the Future of 3D!

“The AVATAR re-release will have 9 extra minutes, not 8 and it will all be CG. No extra footage of live action characters drinking coffee. Rainforest; some at night; a hunt sequence – a lot of flying; high impact action; an emotional scene toward the end has been added back; “the best CG in the film has been added as far as facial performance”; A Na’vi counterattack after the bulldozer attack; more of Grace at the school; adding the Stingbat and Sturmbeast creatures; additional Quaritch final AMP Suit battle shots; more of the glade love scene. It is all on par with the best of the rest of the film. They had lots of footage to choose from and they put back the absolute best scenes and shots they could.”

At least, like James said, the extra footage is not of peeps drinking coffee or of the Na’vi playing basketball. It looks like we will get some boring footage of the school house. Still, I dont see this drawing people to go spend another 50 bucks at the theater.

James then spoke to MTV about what phase of Avatar 2 he is working on:

“‘Avatar 2’… we’re still working on deals. We don’t start the movie until we get the deals worked out,” he said. “I’m making notes. I’m not sitting idle,” Cameron said. “But really, what I’m working on primarily is the novel.”

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The premiere trailer for Skyline, t

he independent sci-fi alien invasion thriller by the brothers Strause, has released and it emphasizes why they’re masters in visual effects.

Skyline is something that takes advantage of the creativity behind special effects company the Brothers Strause created, Hydraulx, as well as their unrestricted-by-studio directorial talents, having made their first major feature with AVPR: Aliens vs Predator — Requiem. While Skyline appears like a big budget sci-fi blockbuster, the Strauses explained at Comic-Con that they were actually inspired by Paranormal Activity and the idea of shooting a movie in someone’s house.

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Skyline looks kind of interesting. What do you think?

Are you looking forward to an Avatar 2? Why or why not?