Design secrets of Iron Man 2: Suitcase armor, Whiplash and crazy improv!

How did you approach the second Iron Man film differently than the first one? Was there more creative freedom this time around, because the first movie had already done such a great job of translating the visuals of the comics into the big screen?

J. Michael Riva: Well, the answer to that one is simple – there can only be tangible creative freedom when there is an established storyline early on. We all came into Iron Man 2 without one. The entire picture was about catching up to the story which never quite got the attention it deserved. Having said that, the director’s challenge was to try and surpass the fun of the first one, which I think he did. Having set the bar of the moral engine of Tony’s character so high in the first installment, everyone felt they had earned the freedom to let Tony have some fun this time. He gets to party, get drunk and wreck his house, race dangerously in Monaco, fight his best friend and alienate his ‘girl Friday’ and generally act like an asshole throughout – and he justifies all this bad behavior with a storyline detail that his RT is failing. With all the confidence that the show would be a slam dunk successful sequel, there was substantially more freedom to explore the Iron Man world on this 2nd one while they all figured out the story.

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Syfy’s ‘Witchville’ isn’t very enchanting with subpar special effects Unless you feel compelled to see every witch movie set in some unlucky medieval village, you can probably skip Syfy’s new “Witchville.”

Even to people who aren’t students of witch flicks, this one feels pretty formulaic, give or take a beautiful blond in a cowl.

Luke Goss, a hot ticket in the sci-fi world, plays Malachy, who has inherited a kingdom from his recently deceased father.

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Vincent Cassel The Werewolf In Catherine Hardwicke’s ‘Red Riding Hood’?

This is all pure speculation so don’t really take any of the following too seriously, but in a recent interview with MTV, Amanda Seyfried revealed who the top pick for the pivotal role of the werewolf in Catherine Hardwicke’s forthcoming Red Riding Hood is.

She mentioned that she didn’t really want to give it away but the initials were ‘VC”. Now, unless she’s talking about the fictional Vinny Chase from Entourage; it’s safe to guess that she is in fact referring to French character actor Vincent Cassel.

Wow, if it is Vincent Cassel that is amazing. He and Jean Reno are my favorite french actors.What do you think of this?

What do think of the Iron Man designs? Have you see that sequel?

Have you seen Witchville? What are your thoughts on that?