Batman 3: Warner Bros to force Christopher Nolan to make it in 3D?


Christopher Nolan, right now, is one of the few mainstream directors who has the power to do close to what he wants. Think about it: could any other director on the planet, save for perhaps James Cameron or Steven Spielberg, persuade Warner Bros to stump up $200m for a non-franchise, risky sci-fi movie such as Inception? Probably not.

At the time of the film’s release, Nolan was asked about whether he’d been tempted to make the film in 3D, and refreshingly, he seemed a bit non-plussed by it all.

In fact, he said at the UK press conference for Inception – which you can read a report of here – that “3D is something we’re looking at, but I see at the moment significant technical limitations to the presentation format, mostly with the dimness of the image and the fact that you have to wear the glasses. The post-conversion process can be done very effectively, actually – we did tests for this film, but decided we didn’t have enough time to get it to the standard that we wanted.”

Furthermore, he told Contact Music earlier in the summer that “Until we get rid of the glasses, or until we really massively improve the process, I’m a little wary of it … But we’ll be looking at it, and if that’s what audiences are demanding from blockbusters – and we’re making blockbusters – then it’s something we’ll address.”

The time to address it? It may well have come.


‘The Flash’ Strikes A Tone Between ‘The Dark Knight’ And ‘Green Lantern,’ Says Screenwriter


If “The Dark Knight” shattered preconceived notions that comic book movies are inherently lighthearted, then “The Flash” could help push those expectations even further.

“I think it’s tonally somewhere in between [‘Green Lantern’] and ‘Dark Knight,'” screenwriter Greg Berlanti told Superhero Hype of “The Flash,” the DC Entertainment superhero film he’s writing alongside his “Green Lantern” collaborators Marc Guggenheim and Michael Green.

“You’re dealing with somebody who is already a crimefighter in a world of those kinds of criminals and that kind of murder and homicide,” Berlanti continued. “I find you talk a lot about different films when you’re working on a film, and we spend a lot more time talking about ‘Se7en’ or ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ as we construct that part of Barry’s world, then I thought when we got into it. It helps balance a guy in a red suit who runs really fast.”

Beyond finding the film’s tone, Berlanti said that “The Flash” would help set up the character’s universe much in the same way that “Green Lantern” introduces the space-spanning mythology surrounding Hal Jordan.


Morena Baccarin is The Wasp in “The Avengers”?


Mania apparently has a source at a comic book shop where celebrities go to do their research for comic book-based movies. Their latest sighting is of Morena Baccarin (“V”) visiting the store and purchasing “a bunch of ‘Avengers’ comics.” The source added that she was sking workers specifically for comics with The Wasp in them.

Does this mean that Baccarin is in talks to play The Wasp in “The Avengers”? Maybe, but probably not. Back in August, director Joss Whedon said that the only female Avenger in the film will be The Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson).


EXCLUSIVE: John Orloff Talks Legend of The Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole


Writer John Orloff’s career began when Oscar winners Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg read a screenplay he wrote called Soul Of The Age, which is about the authorship controversy surrounding many of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays. That led to an opportunity for Orloff to write several episodes of the Emmy Award winning mini-series Band of Brothers.

In 2007 the writer’s adaptation of Mariane Pearl’s memoir A Mighty Heart was released starring Oscar winner Angelina Jolie, and it earned him an Independent Spirit Award nomination for Best First Screenplay. Since then Orloff has been hired to pen several high profile scripts, including a film based on the life of “James Bond” author Ian Fleming called Fleming for Leonardo DiCaprio, and an adaptation of The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury. Not to mention that his screenplay about Shakespeare, now called Anonymous, is currently in post-production and was directed by Roland Emmerich (2012).


Is Hollywood Whitewashing The Hunger Games?


I have a new post up at PopMatters about the possible casting of Kickass star Chloe Moretz as Katniss. The post is generating quite a few comments–some agreeing, some disagreeing. It’s a pretty lively discussion, and the first time I’ve had some really negative feedback (some folks are suggesting I haven’t read the books). It’s easy to forget how passionate we can be our favorite reads, isn’t it?

Wondering what the fuss is about? Here’s the blurb.

Picking an actor to play the film version of a much loved literary figure is hard work. Finding the perfect match isn’t solely about matching a book, but matching the zeitgeist a wildly popular book creates. Generally speaking, though, to clearly buck the physical description of a character is to enter dangerous waters, particularly in light of last year’s whitewashing scandal.


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