Alex Pettyfer Accepts Our Advice In ‘Hunger Games’ vs. ‘Mortal Instruments’ Debate via MTV News

I agree–I always pictured Peeta as the kind of guy that you thought was just pudgy until he started lifting 50 pound bags without any effort. Alex is too lean.

‘The Hunger Games’ casting: Could you be Katniss? via Zap2It

“About two weeks ago, she posted a notice on casting site, Breakdown Services…Since then, Zane has received more than 1600 submissions and of those only about 25 have been selected for their potential to fill the role. But, Zane says she and her staff look at every resume that comes in.”

I would totally audition if I was the right age

The Amazing Spider-Man Suit Made for 3-D via Comic Book Movie

“The excutive [sic] spoke on the fabric of the suit and stated: ‘…there are things that are done to it to make the 3D work better.” There’s a video of the interview in the article.

Jeremy Renner Talks ‘Avengers’ At Oscars via MTV News

“Yes, I have [read the ‘Avengers’ script],” Renner said. “It’s tremendous. I can’t tell you anything about it.”

`Last Airbender’ rules Razzies as worst picture via Yahoo

I think the action in this movie was awesome, but the dialogue was terrible. It would have been better if Shyamalan had taken more directly out of the show, or had the show writers help him with it. I know there was a lot of concern about the race of the cast, but I still think Jackson Rathbone was the perfect Sokka.

Writer-Director George Nolfi Exclusive Interview THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU via Collider

I am definitely going to see this this weekend.

Michael Fassbender Confirms Android Role in Prometheus via Movie Web

Prometheus is being called both an Alien prequel and a spin-off, though for the time being, Ridley Scott is calling it neither. While it will have ties to the world of Alien, Scott says that this is a whole different story.”

What do you think of our Movie news today? Which story are you most excited about?