Amazon offers Harry Potter’s ‘Deathly Hallows’ on DVD and Blu-ray Source

Big surprise there, of course Amazon would offer the DVD for preorder. But I didn’t know that there is going to be an expansion project? Hmm interesting…
Anyone know what the project is? Are you guys preordering HP?
James Franco rumored to play Kaneta in ‘Akira” film Source
I don’t like James Franco at all. Even though I have no idea what Akira is, now if he plays someone in it I doubt I will see it. To tell you the truth I have no idea why I don’t like him. Maybe it’s because he is every where right now, who knows. I just know that I don’t like him šŸ˜›
Are you a fan of Franco? Have you read Akira?

Tommy Lee Jones Opens Up On Captain America Role & Men In Black 3! Source

Woohoo, I am so excited for Men in Black 3 šŸ™‚ And well Captain America is cool Iguess. I’m just more excited for MIB.Which are you excited for? Are you a fan of Tommy Lee Jones?

7 fairy-tale-inspired projects make Hollywood’s future look Grimm Source

I totally agree with this article, vampires diffidently come and go in waves and I see the vampire wave that’sĀ  going on now coming to an end real soon. But I do not want fairy tales to be the next wave. I totally love fairy tales don’t get me wrong, I mean I did have a child hood surrounded by them. Really though do we need 3 snow white movies/tv shows? What do you think about the fairy tale wave? Do you think they might actually be good?

Bryan Singer already hinting at next X-Men: First Class sequel Source

What do you think of a First Class sequel?

Director Jackson sets start date for Hobbit filming Source

I’m sure fan boys and girls all over are squealing with the fact that they are finally getting the production of the Hobbit rolling. I know I’m pretty excited! I had no idea though that they wanted to move production out of New Zealand. Are you excited for the movie? Glad they have a starting date?