Irvine family: ‘Tron’ (PG) too ambitious for current technology Source

I personally really enjoyed Tron. I’m a fan of the original and I thought this one did a pretty good job! I do disagree with the writter of this article when they made the comment “Can any sci-fi flick abstain and NOT steal from “Star Wars,”‘.  What did you think of Tron? Maybe you agree with the author and think that some of the elements of the movie where a bit ‘Star Warsish’

Director of Moon Jealous of Sam Raimi’s World of Warcraft Gig Source

A World of Warcaft movie? Really? I bet all the little geeky fan boys (and girls) are going nuts about the movie! I however don’t really care, I’m not really in to the games but, heck maybe I’ll go see the movie for the fun of it. Do you think they will do the game justice? Are you even going to go see the movie?

Reelz Channel lets us know that there is a new poster out for the green hornet!

Okay I am so excited for the Green Hornet! I’m not big in to superheros and stuff but this movie looks awesome! And I like how they are taken a different approach, making it a comedy. Are you going to go see the Green Hornet? Do you like the new aproach? Or should it stick to the traditional superhero film?

First Image from Bollywood sci-fi superhero flick Ra.One! Click HERE

Wow I am such an odd teenager, I actually kind of want to see Ra.One. I’ve always been very interested in Bollywood and the fact that they are doing a sci-fi flick could be fun! What about you, would you be interested in this movie?

15 revealing Thor spoilers you may (or may not) want to know about Souce

I didn’t read this article much because well I don’t enjoy spoilers so read at your own risk! I’m a bit unsure if I want to see Thor or not, when I saw the previews for it I thought the main character looked like Fabio from Survior. So I don’t know if that’s going to distract me while watching. Do you want to see Thor? Did you read the spoilers, reveal anything good?

First look at Green Lantern Pictures HERE

Those pictures looks pretty good to me! Are you excited to see the Green Lantern when it comes out? What about those pictures, do you think they look good?

High quality version of Captian America promo Source

More superhero stuff, I’m not sure I’m liking it. I really wish Hollywood could get some new ideas.