By Stephan Frost

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Dawn


Formed during the Dark Ages, Mortifera was an order of knights that hunted and killed demons. Mortifera was started by Elias Gregor after he had served in the Vatican’s Exturminata. Elias had grown weary of the Vatican’s hardline approach to only working within ecclesiastical guidelines for demon extermination. Elias wanted to use any weapon possible against the demons, sanctified or otherwise. The Mortifera were instrumental in the near genocide of the demons that inhabited earth during the Dark Ages. The Mortifera were also charged with the task of collecting and studying demonic relics.


I think I’m becoming a fan of graphic novels. I never thought it would happen, but here’s another one that I really like. I received 28 pages from Mortifera to review. My biggest complaint, I didn’t want it to end. It was over way too soon. I think I’ll have to purchase the novel because I like the characters, the art and the story.

I enjoyed the foundation of the story, a priest who opened a gateway to hell and the group who tries to send the demons back before they destroy everything. My favorite part is the maps and history. History grabs my attention every time. The visualization of a doorway to hell was creepy. The demons are even worse, the kind you would have nightmares about.

My favorite quote between Catherine and Ethan:

“Watch yourself brother. Kanisus is one of the most dangerous and vengeful demons that ever walked the earth.”

His reply:

“No Shit”

That made me laugh. The dialogue is extremely clever and easy to follow.

The mortifera are bad ass! I look forward to reading and seeing how they fight back.