Moondance Beach

Bayberry Island, Book #3

By Susan Donovan

ISBN #9780451419309

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In the latest Bayberry Island romance from New York Times Bestselling author of The Sweetest Summer, it might take more than a magical mermaid statue to bring together a hard-headed Navy SEAL and the mysterious artist who’s loved him from afar….

Duncan Flynn long ago said goodbye to his hometown of Bayberry Island, Massachusetts, where a mermaid statue allegedly grants true love to the pure at heart. So when the injured Navy SEAL gets sent home—just in time to help his family prepare for the annual Mermaid Festival—he’s not in the mood to celebrate. Nor fall in love. But during a night run on the beach, a magnificently naked woman emerges from the surf who bears an uncanny resemblance to the mermaid in Fountain Square.

Adelena Silva’s otherworldly mermaid paintings have made her famous and wealthy, but Lena herself is a recluse—at least until Duncan Flynn comes home. She’s secretly loved him her whole life, and is determined not to let him get away again. But will revealing her truth win his heart, or cause Lena to lose him? (Goodreads)



Duncan Flynn is a Navy Seal, through and through.  That is all he has ever wanted to be in his life, and he is excellent at his job.  After being injured, he returns home to Bayberry Island to recuperate and become well enough to be cleared for active duty again.  That he has returned home during the Mermaid Festival preparation and event is purely a coincidence, or is it?  The Mermaid Legend is a legend that states that true love will be granted by the Mermaid, is one only asks for help.  Duncan does not believe in the legend, but even he agrees that strange things begin happening when he sees Lena Silva again.

Lena has known Duncan since they were both children.  When she and her mother move into the Flynn household so her mother can be their housekeeper, she meets a sickly young boy named Duncan.  She is intrigued by him and loves spending time with him, even though at times he is surly and rude.  She fell in love with that little boy and she has loved him since then.  When she hears that Duncan is back in town, she hopes that the legend will come true and they will fall madly in love.  But miracles and legends rarely ever come true.

Moondance Beach is such a good book.  It is a book that has a little bit of everything: romance, survivor’s guilt, family, second chances and forgiveness.  The characters are so realistic and well rounded and I enjoyed getting to know them better.  Duncan is a stand-up guy who is strong, tough and dedicated.  But he also has a softer side and he is suffering from not only physical wounds but also psychological ones.  He does not see himself as a hero.  Instead he feels like he let his fellow Navy Seals down.   Lena is a famous artist who is a bit of a recluse.  She knows that it is strange that she has continued to love Duncan after so many years.  She feels that if things do not work out with him this time, there is no hope for them.   She will have to give up on her childhood dreams and move on.

The Flynn family is a close knit loving family.  They will tease each other mercilessly but they will do whatever is needed to help those in need.  Having read the second book in the series, I already knew some of the family members and I enjoyed catching up and leaning what was going on in their lives.  They all feel like real people and are people I would like to know.

The writing style flows smoothly and the book is an easy read. Throughout the entire book there are flashbacks to when Duncan and Lena are children, how they met and their younger relationship. I enjoyed this very much because it allowed me to know them even better and allowed me to watch how their relationship evolved.  I feel like it added another layer to the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s contemporary read.  This book is whimsical and magical but it also deals with some more serious issues.  These concepts are expertly woven together to make for a completely entertaining read. After reading this book, I have picked up book one in the series.    I hope there are more books to come so I can visit Bayberry Island and the Mermaid again.