MITCH HANSEN BAND HOPES TO BE ON THE NEW MOON SOUNDTRACK has the scoop on The Mitch Hansen Band wanting to be on the New Moon movie soundtrack:

He’s arguably the most talented and popular of a collection of musicians who compose songs about Stephenie Meyer’s vivid “Twilight” universe. Yet, if you’ve only seen the “Twilight” movie, you may not be aware of Mitch Hansen. He’s hoping all that will soon change.

“It’s called ‘By You,’ ” the affable frontman of the Mitch Hansen Band told MTV News of his latest song and video, which he’s premiering with us and hoping to get onto the upcoming “New Moon” soundtrack. “It’s essentially from Bella’s perspective, and it’s kind of a very edgy rock-type song. It’s about ‘New Moon’ through her eyes, all that pain she felt. Then at the end it resolves — in a more happy place, I should say. It’s a very emotional song.”

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Mitch is a super nice guy and the song is beautiful. I’d love to see The MHB get on the New Moon soundtrack.

What do you think? Should “By You” be on the New Moon soundtrack?