iesb.net has an interview with Misha Collins about Supernatural: In 2008, Misha Collins joined the cast of the television series Supernatural as the character Castiel, an angel sent to Earth by God to release the series lead character Dean from Hell to fulfill a job. Q: So many times in contemporary society, people think of angels as being nice, fluffy, cupid type things, and forget that in religious texts, they were bad-asses. How do you feel about getting to portray that? Misha: I was really hoping that it was going to be a fluffy, winged, cherubic, sweet angel, maybe with hearts on his lapel. It’s too bad that I have to play a bad-ass, smiting angel. He’s scary and sexy, at the same time. I wish I didn’t have to do that, but it’s cool. I think it’s a much better version. Honestly, I don’t think they would have done the other version, except maybe for comic relief. Q: How involved are you now in Supernatural? Ae you full-time or part-time? Misha: I think I’m 6/7ths time. I have a contract for the whole season, so if they kill me, they have to pay me anyway. It’s a good deal. Q: What can you say about this season, as far as what your character will be up to? Misha: Sam and Dean triggered the apocalypse. You can notice that I don’t imply myself as being culpable in this, but they triggered the apocalypse, at the end of last season, and now the apocalypse is unfurling and we’re trying to mitigate the damage. We don’t start off this season on the best of terms with one another. I’m a little angry at them for screwing up. More here I like how they’ve decided to portray an “angel” – scarey and sexy sounds good to me. LOL. What do you think of the description of Misha Collins character? Do you think they chose the right person for the character? Why or why not?