Midnight’s Warrior
Dark Warriors, Book #4
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9780312552596
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of  spoilers*

For the last ten years Tara has lived a life on the run.  She once lived with Declan until she overheard him talking about how he was using her and planning to force her to become drough.  She snuck out on him and hasn’t quit running since and Declan hasn’t stopped searching for her either as he’s determined that he will reclaim what is his.

Ramsey has a new assignment, to protect Tara from Declan.  He has started working as a handy man at a Scottish castle where Tara works so he can keep an eye on her.  Tara is unaware of Ramsey’s mission as he tries to get close to her so that she’ll trust him enough to go back to MacLeod castle with him.

But when Ramsey fails to kill Declan, Tara doesn’t hesitate to go home with an injured Ramsey.  They quickly grow close to one another and give in to the attraction they share.  But Declan has not given up on recovering Tara and will use any means necessary to retrieve her.  It’s obvious to all the residents at MacLeod castle that the only way to stop Declan is to kill him.

I really wasn’t sure about a book about Ramsey as he was never a Warrior that held my interest.  But I have to admit that I did really enjoy him in this installment.  I loved seeing his protectiveness over Tara and the sacrifice that he’s willing to make for her.

Tara was a middle of the road character to me.  She wasn’t an awesome kick-ass heroine, but she wasn’t a complete wimp either; just somewhere in the middle.

I thought this was a nice book even though I figured out the connection with Tara and Ramsey and the strange magical reaction they had to one another pretty early in the novel.  Sometimes I do enjoy being proven right after all!

I was also surprised that there was no mention of Saffron’s pregnancy, especially during Tara and Ramsey’s ‘protection’ talk.

The big showdown at the end of the book contained a few tragic surprises that I wasn’t expecting, but that is sure to have an effect in the future books of the series.  I’m just waiting to see how everything will play out.

I’m also anxious for a book on Malcolm.  I know the next book isn’t about him, but I’m really hoping one of the other scheduled books will be!