Midnight’s Kiss
Dark Warriors, Book #5
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9781250017260
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

It’s been a year since the residents of MacLeod Castle defeated Deidre and Declan.  Everybody has been breathing a sigh of relief that the evil is over and they can finally start living their lives in peace.  Everybody, that is, except Arran, who felt there was more evil lurking, but just waiting for the perfect time to strike.

Arran is tired being cooped up in the Castle with nothing to do, but watch the mated couples.  So when he is given an opportunity to go hunt for the spell that could bind the warriors’ gods within them, he jumps at the chance, despite the fact that he has no desire to have his god bound.

Arran’s mission takes him to an archaeological dig in Glasgow that radiates with magic.  So much magic that he didn’t even realize that the beautiful Ronnie was a druid initially.  From the moment he met the beautiful Ronnie his body is wracked with a need to possess her that he has never before felt for any woman.

But when Ronnie uncovers a prophecy that appears to be about her destroying everything, will Arran be able to help her prevent it or will he be forced to put an end to the first woman he has had real feelings for?

I found myself really enjoying this installment of the Dark Warriors series.  Arran was one of the characters that I didn’t really know much about going into this book; he always just melted into the background, for me.  But this book helped me really get to know him and I really enjoyed it.

The sexual need between Arran and Ronnie showed itself early in this novel; much sooner than I had expected, which is why it was such a surprise that they waited so long to give in to it.  But what a sexy scene it was when they FINALLY indulged in one another!  I about needed to fan myself when it was over, it was so hot!

We also got to learn about the new evil in town, Jason Wallace.  He definitely seems to have a better plan than his predecessors had; but will it be enough to defeat the warriors?  You will have to read to find out!

Also Check out Arran’s profile (below) from Grant’s website!


(Arran pronounced: Air-ron)

The steadfast one. Arran knows death follows him, waiting for a time fate turns against him. The need for vengeance against Deirdre runs deep in his veins. It will lead him down a road that will either save him. Or condemn him.

Born: July 1348
Turned: 1367
God: Memphaea, god of malice
Warrior Color: White
Abilities: Control over snow, ice