Midnight Sanctuary

Bugrov Bratva, Book #2

By Nicole Fox

ISBN# 9798871236383

Author’s Website:  https://www.authornicolefox.com/

Midnight Sanctuary picks up where, the first book, Midnight Purgatory, left off.  Polly and Alyssa have been kidnapped by one of Uri’s enemies.  The girls have been separated.  And Sobakin has just discovered Alyssa’ pregnancy that Uri doesn’t know about.  Sobakin had just drugged her and was getting ready to do …. who knows what to her when Uri rides in to save the day.  Uri gets so angry at himself for his reaction to her that it falls to his brother, Nikolai, to carry her out of that horrid place.  Even though that bothers Uri as well because he knows it should be him carrying her.

Uri’s anger continues to burn hot once they get Alyssa home.  He refuses to have anything to do with her and is once again keeping her locked in the basement.  Nikolai tries to be a voice of reason, but Uri isn’t listening.  Polly has been sold into sex slavery and he blames Alyssa.  He spends all his time trying to find his baby sister.  Nikolai takes it upon himself to check in on Alyssa, forcing her to take care of herself.

When Alyssa finally gets the opportunity to tell Uri she’s pregnant, he doesn’t believe her.  He is soon forced to see the truth when the doctor confirms the pregnancy and informs them she’s having twins.  Uri still refuses to relent on his stance with Alyssa although he is excited for his children.  He orders Nikolai to see to her care.

Nikolai quickly becomes Alyssa’s only friend during these hard times.  

“You’re putting too much pressure on yourself. There might be nothing there to remember.”

“My gut’s telling me otherwise.”

“Your gut also told you to accept dinner with my brother. It’s got a checkered past.”

Nikolai even convinces Uri to let Alyssa out of the basement.  He tries to get Uri to see she isn’t to blame, but it falls on death ears.

However, when there is an emergency involving Alyssa and the babies, Uri is forced to see the truth.  He sees how wrong and cruel he has been and is ready to make things right with her.  

His hard work to find Polly eventually pays off too.

However, Sobakin is not done with Uri yet.  He will not stop until he destroys the Bugrov pakhan once and for all.  And, Alyssa and those babies are the perfect ticket to make all his sick dreams come true.  Can Uri keep them safe or will his own pride and indignation destroy them all?

Ok.  So, I was really steamed when I finished reading Midnight Purgatory because of the cliffhanger.  I found that book to be just okay, so I was angry to have to pay to read the second book to find out what happened.  At a much stiffer price tag to boot.  However, I’m glad that I read it.  Except for the beginning of the book, when Uri was being a grade-A asshole, I really enjoyed the story.  I could not read it fast enough, and there were a few parts that went back and re-read because I just really enjoyed them.

Uri could be a real piece of work, but when he decides to give his heart away, he does it full-bore.  The sweet moments with him and Alyssa were so great to see.  It makes you forgive both of them honestly.  He for being a jerk and her for putting up with it for so long.

Unfortunately, I did predict the ending and what was happening when Uri lost his trust. in a certain someone.  It was still an enjoyable ride though.  Hopefully he has his shit together now!

There is an extended epilogue through the author’s website that is a must-read for anyone who likes this book.  It was so sweet, but made me long for more. 

I was really hoping there are more books to this series.  I would love to see Nikolai get his own love story.  And, of course I’d love to see more of Uri and the rest of the Bugrov bratva.  Polly, Lev, … Dimiv.  Sounds like Dimiv may have already had a book?  No idea.  Regardless I saw this one was listed as a duet, so sounds like there won’t be any more books sadly.  A girl can dream though.