Last night on True Blood, we all clung to the edge of our seats as Sookie, Jason, and Bill returned to find their sweet hometown of Bon Temps ravaged by Maryann Forrester’s madness.

How did you prepare for this role—were there any characters you drew inspiration from?

I watched a lot of Ken Russell films. These women are running around dancing and drinking. Running through the hills of the countryside of England—being mad. Those were the two places thinking about “abandon” and hedonism in a way that certainly we’ve experienced time and time again. I also thought a lot about Lydia Lunch in the 80s in New York. She was a woman who had no boundaries and was very sexually free. And sort of revolutionized music with all of that chaos and destruction of rules and boundaries and limitations. So many people in New York City were doing the same thing, really trying to breakdown these social ideals and be creative in a different way. It came through the funnel of chaos and destruction.

What do you find liberating about playing a character with so few limits?

For 18 hours a day, you’d have to be completely free. It was a joy to go to work. Run around in evening dresses. Causing mischief.

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OMG I just want to kick her ass, she drives me insane. But at least she makes me feel something. She is definitely not a bland character.

I cannot wait to see how this plays out. Do you like the character MaryAnn from True Blood? Why or why not?