2 star rating
Memory in Death
In Death, Book #22
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780425210734
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memory-in-death-j-d-robbMemory in Death is the 22nd installment of Nora Roberts’s futuristic In Death series written under her pseudo name, J.D. Robb.

This installment has Roarke and Eve preparing to celebrate their second Christmas together.  But an unexpected visitor leaves Eve facing down her past; a former foster mother comes to call trying to blackmail Eve and Roarke into giving her money.  But Roarke takes pleasure in sending her packing even though he’d rather do something more damaging, but knows his cop would not approve.  So imagine Eve’s shock when she finds the woman dead in her hotel room when she goes to confront her.

Eve may have despised the woman, but she’s hers now and she will stop at nothing to find her killer and make sure justice is served.

I was really excited to read this book, I figured with ‘memory’ being in the title that it was bound to deal with some of the demons in Eve’s past and I always find the books that deal with her past to be riveting and emotional.  And, then I read the blurb and it confirmed my suspicions and got me even more excited!

The story started out great with Eve seeing her horrid foster mother and then that evil woman going to try to shake some leaves off Roarke’s money tree.  And, it was even more entertaining to see Roarke being so protective of his wife and taking care of business.  But unfortunately the momentum died off halfway through the book and it just never quite lived up to my expectations or the beginning of the book.

*BEWARE the next paragraph reveals the killer*

I felt it was too obvious who the killer was and it was annoying that everybody appeared to think she was innocent.  Everything Zana said just seemed too fake and her supposed abduction didn’t seem believable for even a second.  I think maybe if the killer didn’t scream out at me that I would have enjoyed this book a lot more.