Penny Dreadful

Season 2, Episode 08

Episode Title: Memento Mori

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Omar

It’s morning when the episode starts and Lily still in bed with the man she killed. After talking about men growing up and not acting like children, she leaves, as she destroys the tower of cards the man had in his room.


After the opening credits, Caliban wakes Victor up with a bucket of water. It seems that Victor was passed out after using drugs. Caliban is angry with Victor for not taking care of Lily, and vows that after taking her way he is going to come back and “show you the monster you made.”

Inspector Rusk learns that Sir Malcolm went to Scotland Yard and decides to go make him a visit. Rusk questions Sir Malcolm about his last visit to the previews inspector, later about Mina’s death, and if he knew Ethan.

Mr. Lyle is in Evelyn’s house, he seems to be losing his alliance with her, but knows that she is very dangerous. When asks if he knew where Vanessa and Ethan where, he told her the truth that he didn’t know. Just before getting out of the house, Hecate intercepts him to ask about Ethan.


Lily arrives to Victor’s apartment saying that she went on a walk through the park and fell asleep on a bench. She finds that Dorian sent her white roses. Victor asks her to go away on a holiday with him, but she says that she wants to stay in the city. He leaves her and goes to see Sir Malcolm, and tells him about his addiction and love.

Evelyn whispers things to the puppet of Sir Malcolm and he feels a pressure in his chest. He, Victor and Sembene hear the last part of the narrative of the artifacts of Verbis Diablo by Mr. Lyle,

“…So we were calved apart, two brothers cast out to two realms. One brother to Earth and the other brother to hell and thus we will set in eternal enmity. My brother on Earth to feed on the blood of the living by night and myself in Hell to feed on the souls of the dead. Both in an eternal quest for the mother of evil, who will release us from our bondage and allow one of us to conquer heaven and topple God from his bloody throne, and so a darkness reign on earth, in heaven everlasting. And so comes the apocalypse. ”

 “Apparently Lucifer isn’t the only child, and like many brothers they don’t get along.”

Evenly starts to work on the puppet of Sir Malcolm, taking the heart of the puppet, so Lucifer could possess his body, but Sembene saves him. He takes him to a closed room to remember. There we see him dancing with his wife, Mina and Peter in a ball. They say their good-byes and the vision ends. Evelyn tries to get control back, but the connection breaks.

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Lily and Dorian go out again, and are seen by Caliban. Back in Dorian’s house, Angelique finds the hidden room that leads to the painting. When Dorian gets back he finds her in the room. He gives her a glass of champagne. He tells her that how he looks in the painting is who he really is. Then, he asks her if she can love him, she replies that yes. After drinking, she collapses because of the poison.

“I don’t think you can”


He looks over his painting and it moves to stare at him.

Lily gets back to the apartment and Caliban is waiting for her. She tries to dismiss him, but he sees through her lies. She tells him that she cannot love something so hideous like him. She throws him across the room and calls him a monster. She knows that Victor created them, and calls them demons, he bother and equal. She suggest him to kill Victor together. She kisses him and they seem to have sex.

“No being, whoever was or would be shall love you like I do.”


Sir Malcolm goes to Evelyn’s house to confront her, but they are already waiting for him. The nightcomers attack him. Sembene realizes that he is gone and warns the others and they decide to call Vanessa and Ethan back. He asks Evelyn, why Vanessa? And she tells him that is for youth, and beauty. She tells him to stay with her, but he declines. Evelyn places a scorpion in his leg and leaves. He tries to go out, but a coffin with Peter’s body appears in the room. Later the ones with his wife and Mina, and the three of them open their eyes and move.


I remember seeing puncher wounds in Victor’s arms, but I didn’t thought he used drugs. Being a doctor in those days gave you a lot of freedom with drugs. Inspector Rusk looks like a hound after his prey, I don’t think we are going to see what he is this season, and his story seems to be set for the next. What are you Sembene? Until I know, I will keep asking these question. We finally see the Picture of Dorian Gray; and there goes Angelique, he did warn her. Okay, so Lily sound like what the brothers are looking for, not Vanessa. I think that she lost her accent for a moment. It was a great scene, Billie’s acting was exceptional. I would say that I liked this episode a lot. It had great scenes and a lot of effects. I think this was the first episode were Vanessa doesn’t appear. Memento Mori (remember that we die) but this was an episode of the undead, those who come back. Two more episodes to go. What did you liked about this episode? Are you ready for the last two? Tell us in the comments.