In September 2010, the author organized “Smart Chicks Kick @ss” (and for the not-cussing among you, “Smart Chicks Kick It” works too) tour will be visiting 6-8 cities.

The logic behind the tour was that booksellers & readers keep saying they like group events, but publisher organized group events–for logistical reasons–are restricted to authors from one publisher. Readers don’t read from one publisher; booksellers don’t sell from one publisher. I, of course, adore my publisher* & a number of HC authors . . . but I also like trying new things. I did a multi-author event last year with non-Harper authors. I did a co-event with a non-Harper author. It was fun. Umm, I also did a slew of things with Kelley . . . which was also fun. So I approached Kelley, & then we approached Alyson, & now . . . we’re approaching more authors.

WHEN: September 2010

WHY: We didn’t want to tour in conjunction with our release dates. We’re already doing stuff then via our publishers. [Yes, I will do a Radiant Shadows tour. It’ll be 6 cities] We expect someone will have release then, but Kelley & I conceived of this to NOT be in conjunction with our releases bc we want it to be about the GROUP. We opted for September for *surprise* logical reasons: summer vacation is over; school is back in session; winter (with travel delays) isn’t yet; and it’s a year to plan.

WHO: Kelley Armstrong, Alyson Noel, & I will be at each stop. Also, at each stop will be 3 authors from this list (still in progress): Jeri Smith-Ready, Jennifer Barnes, Rachel Vincent, Kimberly Derting, Jessica Verday, Carrie Ryan, Mary Pearson . . . [NOTE: The list is very in progress, as we just started inviting folks. We will update as we go.]

UPDATES: We’ll be updating over HERE on Facebook. It’s a year away, so there’s a lot to figure out.

OTHER: There will be swag, .contests, prizes, & . . . other things we can’t share yet. We debated waiting until we had all the data, but well, if we’re doing it OUR way, we’re doing it full out our way–which means the only who could say “no, don’t tell yet” is us, & as you all know, I have a difficult time with that.

Check out Melissa’s LiveJournal Here.

Wow. That is quite a list of kick @ss author’s already…and there may be more?! I hope they come to Phoenix…you can count me in!

Will you go to see these kick @ss ladies?

What would you like to ask or discuss with these talented ladies if you go?