4 star


Maybe This Christmas

O’Neil Brothers, #3 

By  Sarah Morgan

 ISBN# 9780373778980

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This winter ex-skiing champion, reformed heartbreaker and single dad Tyler O’Neil has only one mission—making sure his daughter, Jess, has the best Christmas ever. The fact that his best friend, Brenna, is also temporarily moving into his chalet at the overbooked Snow Crystal resort is a delicious distraction he’s simply going to have to ignore. Theirs is the one relationship he’s never ruined, and he’s not about to start now.

Ski pro Brenna Daniels knows all about the perils of unrequited love—she’s been in love with Tyler for years. But living with him is absolute torture…how can she concentrate on being his friend when he’s sleeping in the room next door? Then when Tyler kisses Brenna, suddenly the relationship she’s always dreamed of feels so close she could almost touch it. Could this be the Christmas her dreams of a happy-ever-after finally come true?


This is your typical and predictable “we are best friends” love story.  It has been done, and done over again.  However, the main characters are irresistible and engaging.  And that sets this story apart from the others.  I truly loved the growth of both Tyler and Brenna over the course of the story, into healthier, happier adults.

Tyler O’Neil is a retired ski champion who had his career ended abruptly when he suffered a devastating injury.  Now he is back in his home town helping out at the family business (Snow Crystal Resort) while spending time with his daughter, Jess.  Tyler does not want to mess up the best thing he has going…his great friendship with Brenna.  However, when the resort becomes overbooked, the only place left for Brenna is in the chalet that Tyler and Jess are in.

I love the easy banter between Tyler and his daughter, Jess.  For example, when discussing Tyler’s lack of a dating life: Tyler says

“All people are good at some things and bad at others. I’m bad at relationships.  I don’t make women happy….Women who care about me often end up being hurt.”   “So you’re never going to get involved with anyone again? Dad, that’s really dumb.”  “You’re telling me I’m dumb?  What happened to respect?” …

It shows that father and daughter are making a real effort at communication!

Brenna (also a ski pro) is Tyler’s best friend…has always been since childhood.  She has of course, had feelings for Tyler since then, but too afraid to say anything.  Especially given that she has had to watch from afar his womanizing ways while he was on the ski circuit.

Living in the same chalet is certainly going to test their limits as friends….and I absolutely loved it when Brenna said to Tyler:

“Don’t take a shower tonight.  I don’t want to think of you naked on the other side of the wall.”

Can we say…HOT…HOT…HOT… 🙂

And another chuckle worthy moment, Brenna is just about to go and assist another ski instructor out of a difficulty when Tyler skis up:

 “We have babies stuck on Black Bear.”  Trying not to think about all the things she’d said to him the night before, Brenna kept her eyes on the horizon.  “Is this a new policy? Challenge them young?”  “It’s not funny, Tyler.” Nothing seemed funny after Tequila.

With some Christmas magic….and loads of family behind them supporting this union….it looks like Christmas wishes just might come true!

A delightful read.  And now that I have entered the series at book #3, I shall be going back and reading book #1 and #2…I must read about the other two O’Neil brothers.