Maybe This Christmas

Colorado Ice, Book #3

By Jennifer Snow

ISBN: 9781455594924

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All wrapped up . . .

One more game. That’s all that stands between NHL star Asher Westmore and a major career milestone. But then his brother bashes him against the hockey boards, sidelining him for months. Over Christmas holidays, no less. If staying off the ice doesn’t drive him crazy, staying with his family will. The only bright spot amidst the mistletoe and twinkle lights: His best friend, Emma, is a physical therapist. And working out with her improves his body and his spirit.

One last time. Emma Callaway was in trouble the minute she and Asher added benefits to their friendship. How is she supposed to resist a funny, caring guy who makes her toes curl? Her heart was safe while he lived in a different state. Now that he’s back home recuperating, though, it’s only a matter of time before she blurts out her feelings. Emma’s only hope is that with a little holiday magic, she’ll get the best Christmas gift of all.


Maybe This Christmas, the next installment in the Colorado Ice series by Jennifer Snow follows in the footsteps of the first two books in the series and by that I mean…it is a great read.  I was fully engaged from the beginning and was driven to keep reading late into several nights in my attempt to devour this book.

This story is a classic one -> woman has liked (loved) man since they were young children.  They are best friends and now best friends with benefits.  But how can Emma get Asher to realize that she is in love with him and not just that she loves him?  What a conundrum.

The story begins with the all important major career milestone, the 1,000th game for NHL star Asher Westmore, in two games, three nights from now. Asher has been nursing an ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury in his right leg in an effort to be able to make this milestone. In the very next game, Ben Westmore (yes, Asher’s brother, who plays for the Colorado Avalanche) checks Asher into the boards, HARD, causing Asher further damage to his ACL and now he is sidelined and his 1,000 game is deferred, if he recovers and can rejoin his team (New Jersey Devils).  The bright side of the injury is that he can recuperate in his home town of Glenwood Falls, Colorado.  In fact, he will be able to have Emma as his physiotherapist.  Now this might bode well for Emma:

She’d get to see him more in the next few weeks than she had in years. The thought made her heart race.”

Of course, not all goes as smoothly as Emma nor Asher would like.  Rehab is NOT easy for Asher as he has very high expectations of himself.  Emma is more realistic, but she is very much on edge as she SO wants to tell Asher that she is in love with him.  As more time passes, the relationship between them grows, but each is afraid to commit further.  Sigh…it does get a wee bit old….

At least one good thing to make the story move along is Emma’s descriptions of how HOT Asher is – the description was very intense…making a gal want to lust after Asher herself. Who wouldn’t want a hunky hockey player:

Her best friend was freaking hot as hell. A hockey player shaped more like a bodybuilder, with broad shoulders and thick chest and stomach. His six-pack abs were perfectly sculpted from hours on the ice and hitting the gym. His life revolved around hockey and turning his body into the best equipment he had. And damn, his equipment was unparalleled.”

As we find out, Emma is a retired Olympic athlete, due to an injury. I got a bit frustrated with Asher trying to push her back into competitive snowboarding.  She had a good reason to quit, has moved on with her life. If only Asher would get it and get over it.

One of the side stories involved Asher’s mom, Beverly and Emma’s dad, Delaney Callaway (whom lived next door to each other). Each trying to outdo each other with Christmas decorations, getting a dog to annoy the other.  This neighbourly feud certainly was entertaining. Reminds me of the movies Battle of the Bulbs or Deck the Halls.

We also get a glimpse of the continuing love story of the two brothers from the first two books.  A nice way to catch up and see that their relationships are still going strong, with both brothers now engaged to their significant others.

One of the things I also liked about this book is that not only was the love story told well but that descriptions were so engaging that I truly could visualize (for example) the building and the architecture where the Glenwood Therapy and Rehabilitation offices was located:

The old building on Main Street had been a brewery in the early 1900s. She loved the history of the building and its preserved original décor – maple hardwood floors, rounded archways and an open concept design with crafted metal ceilings.”

So, we have a love story where two individuals have numerous obstacles to overcome before true love can triumph. There are many twists and turns that occur before all is right with the world.  I must say that Jennifer Snow has penned an entertaining story with many interesting plot twists which add depth to the characters as well as the story. Sure, the main characters were hot (and that was certainly evident in the love making scenes!) but in addition there was depth of character, which is certainly an added bonus to the stories.  As I have said in previous reviews in this series…who doesn’t like hunky hockey players? This Canadian reader sure does.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of Maybe This Christmas and cannot wait to read more titles by Jennifer Snow. As far as Canadian romance writers go…Jennifer Snow is by far my favourite!


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*