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Matrimony Meltdown

A Zoe Donovan Mystery, Book #13

By Kathi Daley

ISBN13  9781507804957

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After a year and a half of on again off again relationship status, Zak and Zoe are finally getting married. Not only has her own mother morphed into Momzilla, but Zak’s mother shows up a month before the wedding with plans to stay until the big day. When the mom’s gang up to undo all of Zoe’s wedding plans, things become tense. When Zak has to go out of town two weeks before the wedding, things get even worse. But when the assistant to the wedding planner Mother Zimmerman hired ends up dead in the pool, things become outright hilarious. Zoe struggles to maintain her sanity while dealing with a media circus, mom’s gone crazy, and a killer on the loose?



Usually I try to begin a new series from book 1, but in this case I took a chance and started with book #13, especially when it is a new author to me.  I am happy to report that I was not disappointed!  In fact…I have book #1 of the series all loaded on the eReader ready to go!!!

The story revolves around the impending nuptials of Zoe and Zack.  While Zack is off averting professional disaster mere weeks before the wedding, Zoe is at home with both mothers in the wedding party.  And let me tell you….not a pretty sight.  I really did have a ton of sympathy for Zoe as she had to deal with Zack’s mom and her wishes for the wedding.  The bride and groom had settled on the wedding they wanted and in walks the mother of the groom and her ideas and a wedding planner to boot!  Quickly the house becomes overrun with people there to assist with the wedding planning…driving Zoe to her friends for solitude and a bit of me time.  Then a murder happens!  It is one of Zoe’s house guests.  And during this time, Zack’s work is definitely not going well!

I really enjoyed Zoe’s seemingly laid back approach to her sleuthing. The following is Zoe describing the potential scenario’s and clues to the “book club participants” – she was SO in her sleuthing mode and I loved the quote re: Jessica Fletcher:

“I took a sip of the punch someone had handed me before continuing.  I felt a little like Jessica Fletcher, laying out the clues while everyone listened.  It was actually pretty awesome.”

I also really liked her attitude and respect for animals!!!!  Even without much back history on Zoe and Zack, I really enjoyed Zoe’s process and eventual solving of the murder.  An enjoyable read…so much so….that I will carry on reading this series.