The Enforcers, Book #1

By Maya Banks

ISBN# 9780425280652

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masteredAfter Evangeline finally gave in and gave her virginity up to her boyfriend, Eddie, he dumped her, that night in the cruelest way he could.  She quickly discovered she was nothing but a conquest to him and that he enjoyed hurting her in such a way.

Her best friends think the best way to get back at him is to show up at the club he told her he was thinking about taking her to, looking smoking hot, and let him see what he could have had.  They spent hours getting her hair and makeup ready and even scored her a VIP pass to Impulse!

Shortly after arriving at the club Eddie sees her and causes a big scene, one in which he tries to hit her, but is stopped by a mammoth of a man.  After he and a few friends take care of Eddie and escort him out, Evangeline is taken up to the owner’s office.

Drake Donovan was mesmerized by the beautiful blonde from the moment she walked in the door of his club, and the fact that some loser dared to treat her so roughly, to try to strike her even, boils his blood.  But after having Evangeline alone in his office, he knows he has to have her, and before either of them know what’s hit them, he’s moving her into his apartment!  But can she handle Drake’s demand for complete submission?

This is not the first BDSM book that I’ve read, but I have to say it was my least favorite.  The characters drove me insane!

Drake was too over-the-top dominant thinking himself a god even!  You would think the duo would get to know each other a bit before he pulls out his possessive domineering crap, but that wasn’t the case in this book.  He’s quick to tell Evangeline that she will move in with him, submit to him in all things, that she will never be allowed to tell him no in anything.  He then quickly rushed her to his place so there would be no escape.

Then, there was Evangeline who was too over-the-top naive and a dowdy push-over in general.  It made no sense to me how she was scared of Drake, accused him of having her kidnapped, but when her friends rode to the rescue, she chewed them out and defended her so-called abductor.  Her constantly saying she’s not a prostitute in the beginning grated my nerves.  He bought you a whole new wardrobe, paid off your friends’ rent for 2 years, and is sending money to support your parents, plus supporting you in exchange for owning your body and being able to do whatever he wants with you.  Sorry honey, but sounds like you’re a prostitute to me.  And the whole speech she gave about him being selfless made me want to vomit.

I also think both characters got up in their heads too much.  Always a long string of their thoughts at any given moment and sometimes they would repeat the same sentiments within one rambling.

The book did start to get better once Evangeline started to be more of a partner than a little waif Drake could boss around.

But I was rooting for her at the end when she’d finally had enough (took her long enough).  But to find out what happens we will have to read book two, which surprisingly I just might read since I’d assume the worst of Drake’s behavior is behind us!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*