MARVEL’S DEAL WITH DISNEY FORCES DC’S HAND  In a battle between Mickey Mouse and Superman, most people would put their money on Superman. Well, that’s almost true. Sure, Superman would definitely kill Mickey, but the Mouse has Disney power, and that Disney power forced Superman’s company’s hand.

Hoping to become more of a superhero power player in Hollywood, Warner Bros. has been quietly reorganizing its comic arm, DC Comics, to focus its energies on blockbuster hits. They claim they’ve been working on this for months, but Disney’s announcement that it was buying Marvel accelerated things a bit.

DC will have to look mighty hard for characters who can stand up to Marvel’s icons. Our suggestion? Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. Why, oh why, has that not been adapted?

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Oh my gosh, an adaptation of Sandman would be UH-mazing! I agree with the author here, why the heck haven’t they adapted it?!

Which do you prefer, DC or Marvel?

What are your favorite DC or Marvel books?