MARTIN’S WEREWOLF TALE ‘THE SKIN TRADE’ TO BECOME A MOVIE Mark B. Newbauer of Mike the Pike Productions Inc. sent along word that his company has optioned the rights to THE SKIN TRADE, a werewolf novella by celebrated science-fiction writer George R.R. Martin.

THE SKIN TRADE is set in a small town where a private detective investigates murders by a mysterious killer who takes his victims’ skins, and proves to be preying on lycanthropes. This is a fantastic step up for the motion picture division of our company,” Newbauer says. “We began discussions on this property almost two years ago with the foresight that vampires and werewolves would be the forthcoming trend.

Martin expresses excitement of his own about the project, writing, “I’ve always thought there was a terrific movie in THE SKIN TRADE, but somehow no one has ever optioned it till now.

In addition to the feature adaptation, THE SKIN TRADE is also being turned into a comic-book miniseries/graphic novel by Avatar Press.

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This sounds like a really cool and sinister book. I may have to add it to my ginormous TBR pile. Female detective? Lycanthropes? Myster and Murder? Count me in! It will be really cool to see how Pike Productions adapts this book.

Would you watch an adaptation of The Skin Trade?

What are you favorite Werewolf books?