Marrying My Billionaire Hookup

By Nadia Lee

ISBN# 9798685581976

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Jo Martinez has made a name for herself as a fashion consultant and personal shopper in the demanding city of Los Angeles.  If only she was as good at picking out men as she is picking out designer clothes!

She meets billionaire, Edgar Blackwood, at a party honoring one of her friends.  The two have an instant connection and decide to forgo the remainder of the party for several rounds between the sheets!  It was a one-night stand and Jo never expected to see Edgar again.  However, a month later she is facing the possibility she may very well be pregnant with his baby!  She’s still too scared to actually take the test to confirm it.  Her meddling cousin, however, has already taken the liberty to send Edgar legal paperwork before she’s even faced the possibility of a pregnancy or even told him (or anyone) about it!

Edgar grew up in a household where having kids was just a responsibility to keep the family legacy going.  He’s never known what it feels like to be loved.  He refuses to let his own child grow up the same way.  So, when he gets the paperwork stating Jo is pregnant, he drops everything and rushes back to L.A. to make sure Jo has everything she could possibly need.  He’s ready to do the right thing and marry the mother of his child, if only he could get her to agree!

Meanwhile, Jo’s ex has come to her with a sex tape of the two of them that he recorded without her knowledge!  He needs her to marry him so he gets his inheritance.  If she doesn’t comply, he will release the tape and make it look like her father sent it out, causing a scandal on the year of his retirement!  Jo will do anything to protect her family, she just hopes it doesn’t include marrying Aaron!

This is the first book that I’ve read from this author.  I thought it was a stand-alone, but I quickly felt like I was missing a lot of details.  And, I couldn’t find a series on the author’s website that this was a part of, but she’s obviously already written books for several of the other characters, be it a single series or not.

I ended up really enjoying this book.  I adored Edgar and Jo as a couple, even though I found them both to be a little unrealistic.  A billionaire is really going to believe that a baby that resulted from a one-night stand is his without any kind of proof?  Especially, when he used protection and she was supposedly on the pill.  Not to mention, when he found out via legal documentation instead of from her personally?  I also found her to be too understanding and too easy to let him off the hook.  You’re pregnant by a billionaire and you’re ready to do the whole single parent thing?  Regardless, of that though the book was good and the two had great chemistry!

I loved how protective Edgar was of Jo and the baby.  I think he will fit right in with her brothers and cousins, who I also enjoyed!  I suspected what was going to happen with Edgar, and his family and the business though.

This was an entertaining book, but I wish the ending had been … more.  How can you have a book entitled Marrying My Billionaire Hookup that doesn’t even show the wedding?  It also never showed the birth of the baby, although you get a scene from several years in the future that lets us know who won the gender debate!  I just wanted more of those sappy kind of scenes that make me smile like an idiot there in the home stretch!

I did like the story though, and I will be sure to check out some of the books of the other characters as well!