Chapters 23-29

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Stevie Rae and Zoey waited by the big Oak Tree for the rest of their friends to arrive to begin the purification ritual.  Zoey’s mind wonders to Erik and what his greeting at dinner that night had meant.  Without Zoey even telling Stevie Rae what she was thinking about Stevie Rae pointed out that Zoey had hurt Erik’s ego and as long as she’s nice to him he will ask her out again.  Zoey asks how she knew what she was thinking about and she responded that Erik is what she would be thinking about.  Damien shows up overhearing Stevie Rae mentioning  some fiiine boy and deduced that the girls were talking about Erik and he also assures Zoey that based on the way he was looking at her at lunch he will ask her out again.

The twins arrived and Zoey got her mind back on the business at hand.  They all produced the supplies they brought and Zoey found the perfect spot to perform the ritual.  She gave each of her friends one of the candles so that each one could represent one of the elements.  Damien was air, Shaunee was fire, Stevie Ray was earth, Erin was water, and Zoey kept spirit for herself.

Zoey explained how to use the smudge stick and explained what the smudging does.  Then, one by one Zoey used the smudge stick to purify all her friends.    Then, she had Stevie Rae smudge her.

Then, Zoey went and lit all the candles her friends held and called the elements to her circle.  All her friends were amazed and being able to feel and smell the elements as they were called.  Once Zoey returned to the center of the circle and called spirit to the circle a glowing light appeared around the circumference of her circle, strengthening it.

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1. Why do you think Erik is drawn to Zoey?  Just typical teenage lust or something more?

2. Do you think Aphrodite would have canceled the Dark Daughter’s ritual had it been someone more important to her like Erik or one of the triplets?

3. Why do you think Aphrodite keeps her visions to herself?

4. Do you think Aphrodite had a vision of the change of leadership in the Dark Daughters?

5. What did you think of the book?