5 star rating
Magnolia Drive
Cavanaugh Island, Book #4
By Rochelle Alers
ISBN# 9781455574971
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magnolia-drive-cacanaugh-island-rochelle-alersMagnolia Drive by Rochelle Alers is the story of Francine and Keaton.  Francine is an actress and Keaton saw her perform in an off-Broadway play many years ago.  He was infatuated with her then, and when he unexpectedly runs into her again, his feelings have not changed.

Francine Tanner has returned home after a failed marriage to live with her parents and grandmother.  She is working at her mother’s beauty shop and spa.  She is happy that she’s there and has vowed to never return to acting.  She has built walls around her heart and has no plans to ever remarry.  After she meets Keaton and begins to get to know him better, she wonders if this may be her second chance at love.  But does she have the courage to forget about her past heartbreak and go after a relationship with Keaton?

Keaton Grace has moved to Cavanaugh Island to open his own movie studio.  He cannot believe his luck when he realizes that Francine lives on the island.  He attempts to get her to take a role in a movie that he has written specifically for Francine.  When she declines the offer, he accepts her decision but he still wants Francine in his life.  Can he break down the walls around her heart so that they can live happily ever after?

The characters are well rounded, well developed and three dimensional.  I really enjoyed reading about Francine and her family and friends and how close their relationships were.  They were people that I would like to get to know better and spend time with them.  The secondary characters played an important part in the book, and they were likable and realistic too.

The writing style flows easily and this book is a very easy read.  Rochelle Alers is a very descriptive writer and she made Cavanaugh Island come to life for me.  I could feel the small town setting with all the quirkiness as though I was there.  The Gullah culture was described well, along with the superstitions of the area.  There is a lot of history concerning the area and the culture which I found very interesting.  There is even a touch of paranormal due to the fact that Francine has visions into the future.  I really enjoyed this aspect of the book.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well developed romance.  There is a very interesting plot to this book and it is much more than a romance.  It’s a book about second chances and having the courage to go after what you want.  I have not read any other books by Rochelle Alers but I look forward to reading the others in the Cavanaugh Island series.

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