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It has been a month since the release of Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews. The ‘couple’ author has delivered an new trapping adventure for Kate and company, far away from Atlanta. So here I bring you the A to Z of their latest work, Magic Rises.

Magic Rises

magic_rises_coverA: Atsany – The Atsany are an ancient race of dwarfs – or hobbits – that were rumored to inhabit the region of Abkhazia. They are supposed to have incredible strength and be small enough to ride on rabbits. When Technology came some slept and some turned into rocks, after magic came back they woke up. Thousands of their houses remain.

Agulshap –  A Water Dragon. It is a fourteen feet long silver-green beast, with the body of an eel, armed with a crest of long spikes, it has eyes big and empty like two yellow coins. Kate killed it with the help of Atsany.

B: Belve Ravennati – An Italian pack of Shapeshifters (Werewolves). Desandra was married to Gerardo Lovari. The pack is ruled by Isabella Lovari mother to Gerardo and his twin Ignazio.

C: Curran – The Lord of the Free Beasts and The Leader of the Southern Shapeshifter Pack. Curran Lennart is the alpha of the second largest pack in America. He is a Werelion and a First. He’s in love with Kate and is her boyfriend at the moment.

Christopher – Christopher is the man that Kate won in her training spare against Hugh. He was in a cage because he robbed Hugh. He was half starved to death and says to have been Hugh’s librarian and he knows how to make panacea. He now is loyal to Kate.

D: Desandra – Desandra Kral, she is the Daughter of Jarek Kral. He owns a chunk of the eastern Carpathian mountains. The man is obsessed with his legacy, but Desandra is his only surviving child. She is pregnant with the sons of Radomil and Gerardo at the same time, now Jarek wants to kill her.

E: Eating – “I thought you were dead! And you’re here, sitting around the fire, eating and…” “Listening to fairy tales.” Helpful, that’s me. “We’re about to have s’mores and you’re not invited.” Curran opened his mouth. his gaze paused on Atsany. He blinked. “What the fuck?” ”Don’t stare. You’ll hurt his feelings.” Atsany nodded at Curran in a solemn way.

F: Feathered – “Wings?” Doolittle asked. “Wings.” “Feathered?” “Sort of.” Andrea told him. “The feathers weren’t fully formed. Each was like a simple filament with a little bit of fuzz on it.”

G: Gyzmals – Astamur and Atsany call the werejacklas Gyzmals.

Gagra – Is a town in Abkhazia on the northeast coast of the Black Sea. The castle of Megobari is in Gagra and is run by the Werejackal.

Gunda – Is a big caucasian, gray-and-white, shepherd dog. She belonged to Astamur and is named after a  mythical princess with many magical hro brothers.

H: Hunt – Hugh made a hunt for the pack that were staying in the castle, the winner Would get a golden fleece and the second place a pack of panacea, but it was made so he could talk to Kate without anyone listening.

Heteropaternal – Heteropaternal Superfecundation is fraternal twins, this occurs when two eggs inside the mother are fertilized by different fathers. Desandra carries fraternal twins and one of them is a Lamassu.

hieroglyph of sirius
Hieroglyph of Sirius

I: Iron Dogs –  The Iron Dog is Roland’s elite guard, Hugh is the preceptor. Each dog is a highly trained, ruthless killer. They use weapons, magic, and a lot of them aren’t human and hide more surprises than are Swiss army knife. The ancient hieroglyph of sirius is there insignia.

J: Julie –  Julie Olsen – Daniels – Lennart is the ward of Kate and Curran. She was infected with lyc-v and was going loup, to save her Kate cleaned her blood with hers and bound Julie to her, now  she shares some of Kate’s magic and her dream of towers.

K: Kate –  Kate Daniels is a merc and owner of Cutting Edge. She is the daughter of a powerful man know as Roland. She is also the Consort of the shapeshifter pack of Atlanta and girlfriend of Curran.

Keira – Keira Shrapshire is the sister of Jim, the security chief of the pack. She is an army vet and a werejaguar.


L: Lamassu – Is a race of shapeshifters that have a third form. After eating human meat they grow wings. They served as the guardians of the ancients Assyria, which were put on the entrance of the temples. Some of them still survive.

Lorelei – Lorelei Wilson is  the daughter of Mike Wilson, the alpha of Ice Fury, a pack of Alaska and almost rival to the pack of Atlanta. After her parents separated, she lived with her mom in Belgium. She was in the Megobari castle and is trying to steal Curran from Kate.

M: Maddie – Maddie is Julie’s best friend and twin sister to Margo. They are granddaughters of Doolittle. At the beginning of the book they both go loup and are given the last of panacea but only Margo turns back and Maddie has to be sedated so they can go get more.

Megobari – Lord Megobari is the owner of the castle where Desandra is staying during her pregnancy. He really is Hugh d’Ambary, Roland’s Warlord.

N: Necklace – Kate wore a black dress to the first dinner in the castle because she had to surrender her knives, she wore a bracelet on each wrist and a long necklace, all made of braided silver. With the necklace she then decapitated the first Lamassu that she encountered.

O: OchoKochi – A big, vicious, carnivorous, long claws and likes to impale people with chests. They are five feet tall halp-upright like a gorilla or a kangaroo with reddish fur. They live in the woods near the Castle Megobari.

P: Panacea – Is a herbal mixture that reduces chances of loupsim at birth by seventy-five percent and reverses mid transformations in one third the teenegars. Roland learned to make it when he was young. Hugh’s people are the makers of the large part in Europe.

Q: Qu’ran – Kate brought to the trip a copy of the Qu’ran, Bible, mythology of caucasian people and other books.

R: Rush – The Rush is the name of the fleet that they took to Gagra, once USCGC (Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter) Rush, was before Saiman bought it.

S: Shepherd – Astamur is the shepherd of the mountains. He and Atsany help Kate when she arrives on the shore of a island. He has been in Gagra for a long time. At the end he destroyed the castle and told Hugh, “Tell your master he wasn’t welcome in the mountains when he was young. He is not welcome still”. He rescued Kate and Curran.

Atsany House
Atsany House

T: Turtles – A sign flashed by, a yellow diamond with a turtle on it, followed immediately by another sigh, a triangle bordered in red. a turtle in the center of the triangle had a black cone touching its mouth. “What does that mean?” “Magic turtles crossing” “I got that one, but what about the second one?” “Beware the magic turtles”. “Why?” “ They spit fire.” Curran chuckled to himself.

U: Undisturbed – He was surrounded by people who turned into nature’s best equivalent of intelligent spree killers, but he was completely undisturbed by it, as if he knew with one hundred percent certainty that if all of us ganged up on him, he could handle it. (Hugh was undisturbed.)

V: Volkodavi – Is a mixed pack of shapeshifters (werelynx) part Polish, part Ukrainian and whatever, they’re rubbing  up against the Carpathians from the east, in Ukraine and they control the east hills. Desandra  first marriage was to Radomil, the pack is ruled by the older brother and sister Ivanna.

W: Wolf Diamond – “Kate. Open the box.” A ring look back at me from the black velvet, a pale band with a large brilliant stone with a pale yellow tint. I Knew that thing. He’d given me a ring set with a piece of the wolf diamond .

X: eXploded – I reached with my magic, grabbed the nearest undead minds, and squeezed. The heads of the three vampires right in front of me exploded.

Y: Year – Kate and Curran have being together for a year.

Z: Zeroed – While fighting the frst Lassamu Kate zeroed when the creature raised its paws to step on her.

What was the most shocking revelation in this book for you?