Macaroni and Freeze: A Comfort Food Mystery

A Comfort Food Mystery, Book #4

By Christine Wenger

ISBN: 9780451474087



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In the latest from the national bestselling author of Diners, Drive-ins, and Death, Trixie Matkowski finds herself in hot water after a killer gets cheesed off at a celebrity chef….

When the library roof collapses from the harsh winter weather, diner owner and comfort food chef Trixie Matkowski decides to organize a mac-and-cheese cook-off to raise funds for repairs. Priscilla Finch-Smythe, famous TV chef and former Sandy Harbor resident, is not only available to judge the contest—she’s offering an appearance on her show as the grand prize.

Trixie hopes that winning first place in the cook-off will help boost publicity for her Silver Bullet Diner. But when another winner is announced, and Priscilla is later found frozen in a snowbank, Trixie starts getting attention from the police instead. Now she’ll have to noodle over this mystery before everything really goes to pot….

Includes Delicious Home-Style Recipes


Macaroni and Freeze is a fabulous cozy that delights and entertains. I was drawn in by the wonderful characters, fabulous setting and an intriguing storyline. What a pleasure and surprise to find the main character, Trixie Matkowski, is actually a very hard working restaurant owner. She even works the night shift. I am pretty sure I have not seen that before and it truly made this character even more accessible and human! The cast of characters is just as human and real and thoroughly enjoyable. How anyone can wear flip-flops in the snow is pretty amusing. And I have to say I have known people who did and do. Great characters and interaction with each other is only the tip of a very tasty iceberg in this terrific cozy.

During a bitter winter storm, Sandy Harbor’s library roof is hit hard. The roof collapses and everything is ruined, though no one was hurt, thankfully. With no way to replace all of those wonderful books, Trixie decides to step up to the plate and organize a fundraiser. Who doesn’t love Mac and Cheese? So why not a Macaroni and cheese cook-off. Trixie along with her best friend ACB and others set to work getting the word out. What luck that the famous TV chef Priscilla Finch-Smythe is available to judge the contest and offer a wonderful prize of being on her show. Little did Trixie know that the famous chef was actually a former town resident. Something the diva of dinner and comfort food, somehow has kept a secret from her adoring fans. The diva comes into town with a list a mile long of what her “needs” will be. Trixie is not the only one that has a problem with her attitude and demands. Could there also be some lingering anger from when she was a member of their community?

Trixie is a wonderful main character that drew me in and made me want to know her better. Christine Wenger did not disappoint. The sense of community and friendship was entertaining and enjoyable. The cast of suspects is diverse and intriguing. As Trixie hunts for clues, she also feeds the crew of those who may have done it. Feeding them outstanding meals and snacks from her own restaurant and plying them with drinks, she and her friend search for answers. The mystery is well written, with just the right amount of clues and twists. I had not read the other three books in this series, but after reading this one I had to order them immediately. You do not have to have read them to enjoy Macaroni and Cheese but it was so good I had to get the others so I could enjoy more time in Sandy Harbor with this great cast. Delightful and extremely satisfying, this is one cozy I didn’t want to put down. I recommend this fabulous mystery to anyone that loves a tasteful read, with exceptional writing and characters.

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