Today, Open Book Society, has the wonderful pleasure of sitting down to chat with none other than Mac Thomas and Lauren Walsh from the erotic romance novel Chalkboard Romance by Melissa Keir. They talk about  music, romantic evenings, first impression and more.

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Chalkboard-Romance-CoverHello, I’m Mac Thomas and this here is Lauren Walsh. We’re the main characters in Chalkboard Romance. Thank you for having us stop by and visit with your readers.

What was your first opinion of each other?

Mac: I saw her and was instantly attracted.

Lauren: Was that before or after I fell on my face. That’s the last time I let Melanie talk me into Ferragamo shoes.  *smiles*

Mac: I thought you looked like a filly- all legs and frisky. *winks at Lauren*

What kept you from acting on that attraction?

Mac: Who says we didn’t act on it. The elevator ride to our room was amazing.

Lauren: *blushes* No comment.

What’s the best thing about the two of you together?

Lauren: He gives me the strength to stand up for myself. I have a new self-confidence that I’ve been missing for a long time.

Mac: She gives me insight into my son that I never had. I’m calmer and more loving.

What song title best describes your relationship track record: “Nothing but a Good Time,” “Turn Me Loose,” “Shot Through the Heart (You Give Love a Bad Name)”, “Money Talks/Material Girl”, “Looking for Love in All The Wrong Places”?

Mac: My former wife was a “Material Girl”. Maybe “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” fits her best. She only wanted the money.

Lauren: “Shot Through the Heart” fits my ex-husband. He put me down and taunted me.

Mac: Now our new song is “Treasure” by Bruno Mars. Lauren is my treasure and I don’t deserve her.

Lauren: Aww. That’s sweet but so not true. You’re my treasure and you’ve brought Todd into my life full time. *she bends over to kiss Mac*

What are you most looking forward to as a couple?

Lauren: I’m looking forward to being a parent to Todd and growing old with Mac. I sense a lot of humor in my future. Mac keeps me laughing.

Mac: I’m looking forward to more children or at least the practice making them. *winks at Lauren*

What’s your ideal romantic evening?

Lauren: My ideal romantic evening is to recreate our first date. I’d love to return to the Lotus Hotel and enjoy all the hospitalities the hotel offers. It was where I knew you were going to break through to my heart.

Mac: I’d love to take her for an evening ride through my folk’s property and have a midnight snack and swim at the fishing hole, then sleep under the stars.

Lauren: That sounds nice too. But why do we have to have only one romantic evening? Let’s do both!

What’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift?

Mac *bends over and whispers to me*: I got Lauren her own horse this year for Valentine’s Day. She’s going to love her.

Lauren: What are you whispering about? Mac Thomas, you know I don’t like secrets. Now I’m going to be wondering all night…and bugging you. *smiles*

Mac: Thank you for having us. We’d better get going. I have a feeling this is going to be a long night!

Thank you to Mac and Lauren for a wonderful interview. Enjoy your night!