OBS reviewer Vicki is back with a new interview featuring author M.D. Privratsky and her book “The Chronicles of Farro: The Sacred Messenger”. They chat about the inspiration behind the story, its characters, the worlds within the book, sequels and her current work. Enjoy!

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Vicki: What was your inspiration for The Chronicles of Farro?

M.D.P.: As a movie lover, I always enjoy seeing the girl save the guy, but in the production of this particular story I also needed to convey the fundamentals of friendship, which sadly seems to have gone by the way side in our society.

Vicki: In your acknowledgements you mention that this book has been in development for ten years. Was it the research that required this length of time or did this novel eventually become a labor of love?

M.D.P.: In many ways, it comes from the pages of my own life experience, past, present, and weird as it may sound, future. It’s written in a fantasy setting to let readers’ mind grasp the idea that anything is “truly” possible.

I began this work what seems like a lifetime ago, but the first law of writing that I learned is that you never fall in love with your first work, so when I wasn’t working on perfecting the story, it would sit on the “back burner” so to speak and marinate. Writing is truly my love in life and has been since an early age and will be with me always, I pray.

Vicki: Aura and Inferus, the upper and lower worlds are extremely elaborate, the maps were extremely useful! Did you ever find the known Island Realms difficult to navigate? 

M.D.P.: Including the maps were most necessary so the reader could visualize this world with more ease. Thankfully, I am truly an adventurer at heart and blessed with a love for geography, so I loved the obstacles that came my way in this creation.

Vicki: Tahari was my favorite character, she has this dignified bravery that jumps off the page. Which character do you connect with most and why?

M.D.P.: In many ways (both past and present), I feel as if I walk through my days as “Tahari” and when I am faced with some difficulty I take it on as Tahari would. Hoo-ya!

Vicki: Is there a sequel in the works?

M.D.P.: For the many inquiring minds out there….affirmative!

Vicki: What are you currently working on right now?

M.D.P.: An elaborate writing project that has presented me with many challenges, not just as a writer, but as a person who struggles with complex schedules and tight time constraints. Thankfully it’s teaching me to balance out my day more effectively. This particular story is nothing short of a grand history lesson almost 3000 years in the making!

Thanks again for your time and hope that this story is as exhilarating to read as it was for me to write! Stay tuned….  Author M.D. Privratsky


And thanks to author M.D. Privratsky, for an amazing interview!