5 star rating
Lucky Harbor
Lucky Harbor Series #4, 5, 6
By Jill Shalvis
ISBN# 9781455555031
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lucky-harbor-jill-shavisJill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series is just wonderful. I have read all six and they can be stand alone reads. They are laugh out loud funny, bring tears to your eyes and have your heart leaping in your throat.

Lucky in Love
Lucky Harbor, Book #4

Mallory Quinn who is so busy playing it safe that life is passing her by. She is passionate about helping others because of the death of her sister and she throws it all her energy and her life into her job. Then one night a storm blows in and changes her life and her whole way of thinking in a whole new direction. The one time she doesn’t play safe and does something wild it turned her world upside down. Is it for the best or is she going to lose her life’s dream?

Ty Garrison is in Lucky Harbor trying to heal after an on the job injury but his injuries aren’t only physical, also mental. It’s taking a lot of time for the healing to begin. With so much time on his hands has him alone with his thoughts and memories. Now that it’s getting near time to him to leave, he’s not  sure that he wants to.

At Last
Lucky Harbor, Book #5

Life has dealt many hard blows to Amy Michaels, because of it she has placed a barrier over her heart.  She never had anyone to depend upon except for herself.  Amy is in Lucky Harbor to recreate the journey her grandmother had described in her journal.  The paths that the journal takes just may be the path that sends her spiraling in her journey of healing.  The path brings two people into her life that helps chip away the shell and helps Amy heal and maybe help her open herself to love.

Matt Bower works as a ranger in Lucky Harbor and likes what he does.  There is no way to fit love into his life or his schedule.  The life he left behind almost destroyed him and his reputation. Now is the past to be repeated?

Forever and a Day
Lucky Harbor, Book #6

Grace Brooks got into her car and drove as far as her tank of gas would take her, Lucky Harbor.  She’s trying to live up to the Brooks name and so far it’s not going so well. Right now she’s hidden the fact that she is jobless and almost broke from her parents.  Then a chance phone call literally changes her course in life. Grace now has to decide if she wants to do as she was brought up to do or follow her dreams.

Josh Scott is the doctor in Lucky Harbor that has a son and a sister that is his sole responsibility.  Josh has lost his parents and had to face many milestones early in life.  His biggest problem is that he has a hard time admitting that he needs help.  Is the love of his life going to be able to change his way of thinking before its too late? Can he save his little family before it’s beyond repair?

Overall Thoughts:

This whole series is great and a pleasure to read. I am looking forward to the next in this series. Each story in this series has a life of it’s own, they are witty, funny and with lots of drama. A small town can be nosy, in your face and frustrating but it can also protect you, love you and bring you joy. That’s just what Lucky Harbor is.

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