Lovely Little Liar

Blackwell-Lyon, Book #1

By J. Kenner

ISBN# 9781940673967

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Pierce Blackwell is a successful (and cocky) businessman.  His time in the military prepared him to be the perfect security agent at the firm he started with a couple of friends.  His ex-fiancé did not. 

“I survived the military,” I say.  “I didn’t survive my engagement.”

She broke it off with him hours before they were supposed to walk down the aisle, breaking his heart.  Now, Pierce doesn’t have time or the patience for relationships.  One-night stands are much more to his liking.

“I don’t believe in relationships, but I do believe in fucking.

Why, you ask? Hell, I could write a book. The Guy’s Guide to Financial, Emotional, and Business Success. But honestly, why bother with a book when the thesis boils down to just four words: Don’t Date. Just Fuck.” 

Then, Pierce has the strangest date from a new hook-up app he just started using.  He and “J” are on two completely different wavelengths, despite his profile being quite clear what he’s after.  So it should have been a relief when she stormed out on him.  He felt strangely empty when she left and it wasn’t until later that he realized that she wasn’t who he was supposed to be meeting! 

Jez is the sister of teenage actress Delilah Stuart, who is in town shooting a movie.  Delilah has been in the middle of a scandal and Jez needs to hire a reliable security company to keep her sister safe and employed! 

Pierce has never lusted for someone quite the way he has with Jez, but he doesn’t mix pleasure with business.  Now that Jez hired him, he must choose what’s more important or find an acceptable way of blurring the lines.

I always enjoy Kenner’s work so I decided to delve into this series at the beginning.  Although it appears, to be a spin-off of the Stark books that I have not read yet.  This book could easily be read as a stand-alone though so I had no problem not having read the original books.  This story was actually released previously under the title Bitch Slapped, but has now been added to slightly. 

I really enjoyed Pierce.  I like that this book was from his point-of-view and we got to see how this cocky guy thinks!  I did find it a bit creepy that his little sister told him he has bedroom eyes though and explained that’s how he gets laid.

Unfortunately, this book is still a novella length so I don’t feel you get a whole lot of storyline with it.  It’s an enjoyable fluff read with a few steamy scenes thrown in, but it doesn’t make you think and not a whole lot happens.  I would much rather read a full-length story with these characters so I’m hoping I’ll get that with the remaining books in the series.  I did truly enjoy the epilogue though.  Even cocky guys can become sweet … in books at least!

“Or we could skip all that, and I could show you my favorite view of the river.”

“Where’s that?”

“My condo.”

Her eyes widen almost imperceptibly. “So, I’m guessing that the view of the city is a euphemism?”

“It might be,” I admit. “I know you said you wanted your day out. But Jez–“

“Shut up, Pierce,” she says, silencing me with a finger on my lips. “And let’s go. I’d hate to miss an exceptional view.”