Chapter 21 by Chris


Susie visits her one and only crush Ray. She recalls the moments when she was living how much she liked him and her grandma Lyn told her to go for it and have fun. She remembers that glorious day when by her locker, Ray came up to her and finally kissed her.

Ruth and Ray set out to travel to the sinkhole together. Apparently the earth has throats and this is how the sinkholes come to be. The hole is being filled by concrete to seal it up from no longer sucking things down into the earth, only for them to resurface years later.

Len finally decides to visit Jack in the hospital and return the charm. He feels guilt over the fact that Abigail is back in town tending to her sick husband. Len returns the charm to Susie’s parents, and Jack automatically thinks that they have found Mr. Harvey or at least found Susie, but sadly no. Abigail questions Len about the other murders and how accurate it is that Mr. Harvey is the culprit. Len gives his automatic speech, that nothing is ever certain. Abigail remembers that exact statement from him years ago, and is taken back by the false hope behind it…she asks him to leave.


1. Do you believe that Susie really love Ray, or is it because that was her only chance to experience romance, something she has dreamed about?

2. Is Abigail’s resentment to Len, justified? Do you think he intentionally put false hopes in their heads?

3. Do you think Mr. Harvey has become irrational, is he obsessed with the fact that one girl brought down his comfortable life? If he wasn’t caught do you believe he would of harmed Lindsey…in an act of revenge or his sick addiction?

Chapter 22 by chris


Hal’s Bike Shop

Memorable Quotes:

1. “She was a smart girl breaking all the rules.” – Susie page 301

2. “AWOL a little while from heaven, I had been given a gift.” – Susie page 302

3. “When you kiss me I see heaven” – Susie page 304

4. “Susie, you know I’m not like that” – Ray page 306


Susie fell to earth. She has awoken feeling and seeing things, real feelings like being alive again. Ruth had done some imaginable, Susie was given some unattainable…she returned to earth in Ruth’s body and Ruth went to her heaven. Susie hears Ray calling after her, actually trying to call Ruth. Immediately Ray senses the difference in his friend, but maybe it’s because she just fainted. Susie is still reeling from the feelings and senses, these things she has not felt in many years, overwhelmed by them and the gift before her…she asks Ray to kiss her. Ray complies, not really knowing why but that he wants too. Susie is getting everything she has wanted, the thing that she wanted most when she was still alive and in her death. Ray asks her where she wants to go, and that is such an open question for a dead person. Susie thinks automatically that she doesn’t want to chase after her murderer and waste her precious time…no, she would rather live and experience somethings she missed out on. She asks Ray to take her to Hal’s bike shop, which is just a few miles away.

Questions for considerations:

1. Was Susie’s dream for love and being alive again responsible for bringing her back for awhile, or was it the persistence and sacrifice of Ruth, wanting to always trade places with Susie that lead her to change places with Susie?

2. If given the chance that Susie had, what would you have chosen to do in your second chance? Do you believe she did the right thing, by giving up on the pursuit of Mr. Harvey and just ‘living’?

3. Do you think that this is the ‘unfinished business’ people talk about when our loved ones still dwell behind until they can move on and be at peace? Did Susie needs this experience for that to happen?

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