The Lovely Bones Book Club Chapter 11

by Katie

Jack woke up early to take a morning jog. He past by Mr. Harvey’s house hoping it would reveal some answers. He didn’t understand why Abigail trusted the police so much and why she wouldn’t trust him.

Susie knew everything about Mr. Harvey’s house. Like how many rooms it had and what they looked like. She even knew what the garage looked like. She knew his patterns, how he would set alarms to tell him when to do certain things, or how he would pull out his trinkets from past troubles and count them.

Characters Involved – Jack, Abigail, Buckley, Susie, Mr. Harvey, Clarissa, Brian Nelson, Len, Lindsey

Characters Mentioned – Ruana Singh, Joe Ellis

Places Visited – The Salmon House, Mr. Harvey’s House, The Corn Field


“The cops are punting” – Lindsey

“I feel like I’m standing in the wake of a volcano eruption” – Jack


Do you think Abigail doesn’t want to believe Jack because she doesn’t want to give up hope?

Do you think Lindsey is assuming the mother role in the house?

Why do you think Jack called Clarissa by Susie’s name when he ran into her?

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