Love Next Door

By Tia Siren

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Scarlett’s ex can’t seem to grasp the fact that their relationship is over.  Now, he’s gone one step two far by busting out all her car windows with a baseball bat while she was inside the vehicle!  Afraid for her life, her parents send her to Nashville to get away from him.  They rent her a big house in a nice neighborhood in hopes to keep her safe.  And an added bonus is her new sexy, but grouchy neighbor is a cop!  She may not be too fond of him, but Scarlett feels better knowing that Cameron is right next door if anything should happen.

Cameron is a single dad of five year old, Ella.  Her mom was taken from them unexpectedly when she lost her fight with cancer.  Since then Cameron hasn’t been able to move on, but instead devotes his life to his little girl.  But strangely enough, his new neighbor ignites something inside of him that hasn’t been awakened since his wife.

However, when Scarlett’s ex finds her and starts causing problems Cameron has trouble battling his desire to protect this enticing woman.  Unfortunately, protecting her could cause his daughter to be in danger and Cameron will have to make a choice between the two.

This was an okay read.  It definitely had its faults though.  I didn’t think that Scarlett was all that smart when she kept talking to her ex.   My estimation of her went down even further when she told him she was engaged!  Hasn’t she heard the stories of possessive guys going off the deep end with news like that?  I also found the book to be a little too repetitive with Cameron doing his push and pull thing when it came to being involved with Scarlett.  One minute he couldn’t get enough of her and the next he was pushing her away to protect Ella.  You can’t have it both ways, dude, just choose and stick with it!

Toward the end of the book I thought the author was building up to some climatic event, but it never happened.  I thought the couple made up way to easily and I thought they rushed things too much romantically at that point.

There were also a few places in this book where the wrong character name was listed so I found that to be slightly obnoxious.

Overall, I did enjoy the story though, despite it’s shortcomings.  It was a fast and easy read that kept me interested enough to keep turning the pages.

There were some detailed sex scenes in this one, which shouldn’t come as a big surprise based on the cover of the book.   So, if you are offended by that kind of thing, you may want to avoid it.  But if you like getting your heart pumping, then by all means check it out.