Love, A Foot Above the Ground   

Jessica Huntington, Book #0.5

By Anna Celeste Burke   

ISBN: 9781505400687

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Andra                   


A story of love, loss, and inspiration set in the 1960s, told to Jessica Huntington in the 1980s, and shared with us today.

For fans of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series, the story is narrated by the amateur sleuth in that series, Jessica Huntington. The love story is Bernadette’s–Jessica’s confidant and sidekick.

A tragic, but ultimately uplifting story of love, lost and found again. In Bernadette’s words, “it’s a real happily ever after story.” Her story is not so different than that faced by anyone who takes that leap of faith into love. A love that lifts us up about a foot above the ground, leaves us vulnerable to loss, but can push us toward something more lasting.  (Goodreads)


As an avid fan of Anna Celeste Burke I have read almost all of her books (and loved them by the way), I could not resist reading this book. After all – Bernadette is such a central figure in all of the Jessica Huntington Desert Cities Mystery Series! What is not to love about Bernadette. 

This story is about first and foremost – Love. Love found and love lost (or is it?). The reader is presented with a story set in the 1960’s, when a young Bernadette meets Guillermo, the young lad who captures her heart as told by Bernadette in the 1980’s to a 9-year-old Jessica Huntington.

Love, A Foot Above the Ground is the story of Bernadette, her meeting the love of her life and that life – as short as it was. The story is uplifting (isn’t a great love story always uplifting!) and sad at the same time. Having read numerous books in the series before this book was even available, the reader knows of Bernadette’s past (at least a little bit). This story has it all – love, betrayal, jealousy and family drama. And a very loving grandmother! It shows the importance of family and faith.

I enjoyed learning and experiencing many customs of Bernadette’s culture – for example: the quinceañera (a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday). I found it intriguing the personality of the culture and how it was relayed to the reader.

All if all, it was a wonderfully romantic novella which made me laugh, made me sad and made me wish for a different ending. But then – Bernadette would not be who she is today…so it is not all bad. Ms. Burke has outdone herself again! I shall wait with baited breath until I have another book written by Ms. Burke in my hands to read.