To complete our season recap and review of Lost, here are Seasons 4 and 5.

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Season 4 of Lost, which ran from January 31, 2008 till May 29, 2008 had two main themes: “The castaways relationship to the people on the freighter” and “those who gets off the island and the fact that they need to get back”.  Season 4 also focused on new characters introduced to the Island and the fates of certain survivors who would leave.

There is the question of the freighter and what the people on board intended to do; rescue the survivors or kill them. A battle for power emerges between many characters; Jack versus Locke, Ben and Charles Widmore, and also between Ben and Locke.

Desmond is searching for his ‘constant’ (in Episode 5) which involves Spatiotemporal travel. Ben activates the DHARMA Initiative station 6, ‘the Orchid’ and Jack’s father, Christian Shephard’s mysterious connection to Jacob and the Island is highlighted, and his relationship with Claire which was definitely a shocker.

Daniel Faraday’s character is introduced when he parachutes out of helicopter and meets Jack and Kate.  He has a team with him that includes Miles, a ghost whisper, Charlotte, an anthropologist and Frank, a pilot who was suppose to be piloting Oceanic Flight 815 the day it crashed.

Later, under pressure, Miles reveals they were hired by Charles Widmore and are really on the island to find Ben. Ben is aware of the fact that the freighter crew is looking for him because he has a spy on the boat.

Six people are rescued from the island: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Claire’s baby Aaron.  The Six, band together and keep the other survivors on the island a secret from everyone, as all the remaining characters on the island fight for power and survival.

After a few years pass the Six’s lives spiral into tradgedy and when Locke returns to warn them all, that they must return to the island in order to save it.

What is not to like about Lost? Season 4 brings us on the suspenseful cusp of the Losties either surviving and getting off the island or being killed. What was deemed to be an exhilarating thought of rescue, (the freighter), turns out to be the opposite of what they were looking for.  It would be too easy to be a simple rescue, and the writer’s of Lost are anything but making it easy for any of the characters on the series. Most interesting of all the new characters has to be Daniel Faraday. His mother, Eloise Hawking, was first amongst the people to inhabit the island (aside of course from Jacob and the Man in Black) and his character seems pivotal in the Losties success at making it off the island.

This season brought us close to the truth and answered a lot of questions we’d be harboring since Season 1.

What was your favorite moment of Season 4?

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