Lost Girl.
Season 1, Episode 11
US Air Date March 26, 2012
Faetal Justice

Brought you by OBS staff member Nakeesha J. Seneb

Dyson is inside Carpe Noctern, a dark fae club also frequented by humans. He’s in a heated confrontation with a dark fae known as Ba’al and gets so worked up that he bares his teeth. Apparently, there’s history between these two and Dyson promises “This time you won’t see it coming!” Dyson storms out. A flash cut later, Ba’al exits and heads into an alley where a wolf waits, and attacks him. One more flash cut has Dyson awakening covered in blood and dead Ba’al. But the best part –Dyson’s lost his shirt. Yes!

Meanwhile, Bo and Kenzi are grilling Trick about Dyson’s must-haves and can’t-stands when Dyson stumbles in, still shirtless (thank you), and invokes sanctuary. Apparently, this means business because the entire bar clears out. Dyson can’t remember what’s happened but he does know that The Ash will require that he turn himself in and be handed off to the Dark Fae. Bo, who can’t keep her hands off his deliciousness, steps up to the plate to clear his name.

Bo starts with Hale who knows that three people witnessed what happened in the club: the bartender named Silas, a human girl named Portia, and Vex, the mind-controller. Bo and Kenzi head to the club and corner the bartender who, over some Black Orgasms, recounts Dyson’s threatening words to Ba’al. Vex turns up and taunts Bo. Campy dialogue ensues like a post-intermission scene of a play. Bo leaves Kenzi to look for the human girl, Portia, and she returns to Dyson…to give him a clean shirt? Traitor! As he’s putting on the clean shirt, Bo notices his tattoo. He tells her its in lycanthrope and it indicates his kills. It’s a long list. Dyson also tells Bo his history with Ba’al. It seems Ba’al has a history of killing humans for sport and getting away with it. Then the Morrigan comes in to collect Dyson, but she can’t have him because of the Sanctuary.

Sanctuary means that a fae can’t be removed from a location until they decide to leave of their own free will. Unfortunately, Dyson’s getting stir crazy and he wants out. Bo threatens to drain him into submission, and for good measure, she takes a taste. Did I miss the episode where they got back together? Bo heads off to the police station where she bumps into Lauren. Their awkwardness is even more awkward to watch. Lauren’s findings are that the teeth marks that killed Ba’al are consistent with a canine’s. Before Bo leaves, Hale gives her his blessing to date his boy. Again, with such a big push for a relationship that could have only happened between episodes, I feel like I’m being setup for them to break up.

Back at the club, Kenzi finds Portia. The two hit it off using what can only be described as a forty-year-old’s attempt at slang. Portia insists that Dyson was the one who killed Ba’al. At Trick’s, The Ash shows up for Dyson. We don’t yet know what The Ash’s powers are, but with a siren voice like that I’d follow him to my death. He cautions Dyson that his disobedience could put them on the brink of war.

Bo goes back to the club where Vex makes her do some very naughty things on the dance floor. Dyson hires a memory-catcher to retrieve his lost memories, but to no avail. Someone has slipped him some sort of fae rufi that has divested his mind of that night. All he can remember is taking a phone call before he left the police station. Bo heads off to track down the phone caller.

Now bosom-buddies, Kenzi offers Portia a place to crash for the night. While at the loft, Portia tells Kenzi how Silas, the bartender, is nice to her and takes care of her. Yet when Portia begins to undress for bedtime, Kenzie gets an eyeful of the scares on her back; scares she has no memory of receiving.

Bo catches up with the guy who called Dyson. He’s an art dealer who frequents the club, only not for the music. Ba’al was running a masochist club in the basement. With some persuasion from Bo, the art dealer, who’s human, recounts a time when one girl’s eyes would glow when he beat her and Ba’al later killed her when he grew tired of her. Relating this info to Hale, Bo learns the girl was a light fae. But why wouldn’t Dyson have reported this and handled it “legally?”

Back at Trick’s, Dyson has had enough of sitting still. He goes AWOL. Bo heads home and learns from Kenzi that Portia was also beaten and her memories taken. Yet, her memories of Dyson are crystal clear. They can’t question Portia because she’s flown the coup. The girls head to the club. Dyson beats them there. He corners Vex, but The Morrigan turns up and the tables turn.

When Bo and Kenzi arrive at the club, they head to the basement. Behind door number one, they find Portia sitting calmly in a torture chair. Bo notices that Portia wears a bracelet with lycanthrope written on it. Behind door number two, they find Dyson and he’s half-naked again! Silas, the bartender is off to the side and the camera keeps focusing on his guilty looking face. Bo bursts in and is able to get The Morrigan in a submissive situation. Then like a Nancy Drew mystery complete with black and white flashbacks, Bo and Kenzi unravel the mystery.

It was all Silas’ doing. He cooked up the rufi drinks that made everyone, including the girls of the torture club, forget. Evidently, Silas had a thing for Portia and he knew Ba’al was getting tired of torturing her so he killed Ba’al. You see, Silas is a lycan, which of course we knew because Portia had his bracelet and mentioned him, like, twice. The dark fae turn on Silas and his true love, Portia, barely puts up a fight as they do. She spares him one glance before heading out of the dungeon with Bo, Kenzi, and yummy, half-naked Dyson. “I don’t know what those people are,” Portia says, “but they’re not like us. Are they?” Which makes you wonder what kind of relationship she and Silas had? Once safe and sound at Trick’s, Bo and Dyson gush over how they know each so well, forgetting all their past misunderstandings and miscommunications, and end in a kiss.

o   Dyson mentions that Vex can’t control animals, but it appears he can control Dyson in his human form.
o   While she’s torturing Dyson, The Morrigan seems more interested in learning about Bo.