3 Star rating
Living with the Dead
Women of the Otherworld, Book #9
By Kelley Armstrong
ISBN#  9780553806649
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*Beware of Spoilers*

living-with-the-dead-kelley-armstrongThings just haven’t been the same for Robyn Peltier since her husband was killed.  She moved out to L.A. for a fresh start, but she’s been hiding more than anything else.  Her best friend Hope Adams has come to L.A. on assignment to help Robyn.  But when Robyn’s PR client, Portia Kane, is murdered she quickly finds herself at the top of the suspect list.  Now Hope and Karl are pulling out all the stops to prove Robyn’s innocence.

And, they all learn that Robyn’s deceased husband isn’t as far away as they thought…

I was hesitant to start this book, introducing another unknown character into the mix really just didn’t appeal to me.  I was afraid it would be another snoozer like the Paige books are for me.  But it turned out to be Hope and Karl book two, which is fine by me because I enjoy them quite a bit.

This book also introduced us to a network of clairvoyants known as the kumpania, which was a bit creepy in an inbreeding cult kind of way.  It’s also where we meet the troublemaker that starts all the drama in this book, Adele.  We quickly learn that Adele will do what it takes to get what she wants, despite what it costs anybody else.  She’s a pretty despicable person, but sadly I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of her.

I did enjoy Damon though.  It’s a shame that he’s a ghost though and can’t reunite with his wife.  I thought he was a lot of fun, and you could really feel how much he cares for and misses Robyn.

Unfortunately I really didn’t care for Robyn though.  I thought she was another bland boring character, much like Paige.  Lucky for her the people around her are entertaining so I still ended up enjoying this book.

I really didn’t care for this ending though.  There was no real happily ever after for any of the characters involved.  And, I don’t like even a hint of Finn taking over for Damon where Robyn is concerned.  There is nothing exciting about these two hooking up, plus it would be a total slap in the face to Damon, who’s done nothing but help Finn.

The overall ending of the book outlined some changes that were afoot in the series, and left us readers in a bit of a holding pattern to see what will happen next.  I was especially sad to see how Hope and Karl left things at the end of this book, even if only temporarily… hopefully we won’t have to wait long for that resolution!

This was a good book, but I’m hoping the next one is even better!