4 star


Living Victim

Delta Detectives #1

By Stacy Green 

ISBN# 9780989137966

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If you loved the Delta Crossroads Series, you know Cage Foster as the one who tamed the Damned Yankee and helped to solve one of the grisliest crimes in Adams County history. Now a newly minted Criminal Investigator for the Adams County Police, Cage’s life is once again turned upside down. His fiancé is expecting, Cage is terrified of being a bad father, and he’s determined to prove himself worthy of his new position.

When a hoarder is found dead in his bathtub, Cage Foster believes he’s dealing with a natural death. A perimeter search reveals a hidden horror, and clues point to the kidnapping of a local girl once presumed dead. Cage must find the living victim before it’s too late. Will he lose himself in the process?


Having recently discovered Stacy Green and her writing through her Lucy Kendall series, I am pleased to say I thoroughly enjoyed this first book in the new Delta Detectives series.  While this is my introduction to Cage, I had no difficulty beginning here.  In fact, I have put the other series (Delta Crossroads) on my TBR (to be read) list now 🙂

What did I enjoy most about this book???  Well, it grabbed me with the intrigue from the beginning.  The writing style engaged my sense of mystery immediately and kept me captivated throughout the entire story.   What began as a death from natural causes quickly became something more as a result of Cage’s astute observations.  The evolution of the story was very believable.  While reviewing the perimeter of the property, Cage stumbles across what looks like a tent…a base of operations for??? .  Cage quickly engages more personnel and it looks like they may have a lead on a girl who has been missing for a couple of months.

The juggling of Cage’s professional life with his personal life certainly depicted the trials and tribulations that small town law enforcement personnel must have.  They must deal with people they live with as either the victim or the perpetrator…and that must be very difficult.  I thought the way that Cage handled his fiancé’s preeclampsia diagnosis amidst his worries with respect to the case was believable as well as commendable to his occupation.

There is action, drama, intrigue, love…..within the pages of this book that kept this reader invested in the story until the last word had been read.  And I cannot wait for the next book in the series.

*OBS would like to thank the author for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*